Everything you Do is Right Day

Yesterday March 16th was Everything you Do is Right Day. Earlier this week I brought you a post about how Everything you Think is Wrong, within that post I talked about how sometimes we just need to write everything down in a list in order to make it all right, and sometimes that means multiple types of lists as well. Today I want to talk about how to have a day where everything you do is right.

Start your day off with a healthy choice:

When you start your day with a healthy choice it leads to more healthy choices. For example maybe you don’t eat breakfast in the morning, or you eat a very unhealthy breakfast most mornings. breakfast-848313_640By choosing a healthy breakfast of whole wheat toast, with a hard boiled egg and glass of juice you have already set yourself up for healthy eating choices throughout the day. Maybe breakfast isn’t really something you have an issue with, perhaps you just want to be more active during the day. Start your morning off with a 10 minute morning stretch routine, or a 15 minute yoga, or 30 minute full body work out. This little Smart and Healthy Choice will  have you feeling more motivated throughout the rest of your day to make more smart and healthy choices.

Take time to relax:

Some of us are pretty healthy eaters, we don’t have too much issue with being active, but we carry a lot of stress around. We are worried about our jobs, we are worried about finances etc. etc. etc. The list goes on an on for the number of things we as humans can stress over.

Last week my husband and I took a day for ourselves. We left the baby with a babysitter for four hours, and we went and got a couples massage and had lunch. It was amazing. wellness-589770_640After the massage I was so relaxed and feeling so good about my body that I made healthy eating choices at the restaurant. That massage relaxed me enough so that the next day I continued to make healthy eating choices and even managed to get a lot of work done around the house. Since getting the massage, I have actually woken up every morning and gotten dressed instead of hanging out in what I had slept in the night before.

Make a list and stick to it:

I mentioned in my Everything You Think is Wrong Post that by making lists you are able to free up your mind to focus on the tasks you have at hand. When you are overwhelmed and wondering what you should do first, the best thing is to write everything you need to do down. Then prioritize it. Finally Single Task it. Focus on one thing at a time, don’t move to the next thing until the first item on your list is done.

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Get Out of your head:

I know I mentioned relaxing before, but this is important. It goes beyond just relaxing. You don’t necessarily have to go spend $50 or $100 on a massage, instead what you can do is take some you time.20140409_132244

If all you have is ten minutes use that time to meditate, relax and clear your mind of all intrusive thoughts. If you have more time you could go for a hike allow your stress to disappear as you instead take in the beautiful nature trails that exist around you. If you are stuck indoors spend 15-30 minutes doing a yoga routine off YouTube.

Read a good book, and visit a new world.

These are just a few things that help me to have a day where everything I do is right. What are some things that allow you to have a perfect day? Let me know in the comments.



Hobbies: For a Love of Cooking

You know the old saying the way to every man’s heart is through his stomach, well it is not just true with men it is also true with women. In a world where a woman can just as easily be the Breadwinner as the Homemaker, women are leaving the kitchen and starting jobs in the corporate world. In the corporate world, cooking skills are not exactly a need to know skill. The modern woman is just as likely as any man to be uncertain in traversing the culinary arts. As a result, anyone is likely to swoon for someone with at least basic culinary skill. After all, we all need to eat and for the mass majority of the worlds population food is something to be enjoyed.

Beyond simple nutritional value, food has many psychological effects. Smell and taste play a large part in memory development and if you can create a literal good taste in a person’s mouth, you have established a permanent connection and memory that is ultimately good. When my partner Daniel and I met, our relationship was for both of us mostly uncertain, but through cooking him and I found connection beyond any other I’d had before. Our first dates were not your typical dates, but rather involved me studying and putting together the finishing “Chapters” of my Honors Thesis while he cooked me dinner. I often look back on those days and wonder how I would have ever finished on time if it had not been for him feeding my brain with delicious food night after night. colorful-1187136_1280

It was on our first official date that he introduced me to sushi; of course, he was only able to convince me by having me try all veggie style rolls no fish or fish eggs involved. Considering I was beginning my fourth year as a vegetarian that was not a surprising requirement.

Daniel and I have spent the last two years learning the others preferences for food. Before Daniel my cooking skills were okay, I was able to feed myself, and I had developed a few recipes that were ultimately delicious. However, I had no comparable kitchen experience to what Daniel had up his sleeves. Cooking from a young age compared to me he was a master chef. It is because of him that I have grown into the cook I am today.

Cooking is not for everyone it is my belief however, that anyone can come to enjoy cooking. Everyone enjoys food, we all love to eat, and there is some kind of connection that forms when good food is shared between individuals. breakfast-1275776_640

Food is Poetry

Food is a Philosophy

Communication with no words

It’s international

Clean, Crisp, and Clear

Food is a Conversation

A work of art in constant change

It affects us all

Food is love

Cooking is a strength

A warmth which hugs the globe

The kitchen is a paradise

In all its shapes and forms

A cook does not fear it

A chef worships in it

Grow your relationships through food

And watch your Circle grow.

Everything you Think is Wrong Day

I thought it would be interesting this year to highlight some of the unique and lesser known holidays. This Wednesday, March 15, 2017, is Everything you Think is Wrong Day. I felt this holiday was perfectly fitting for how I’ve been feeling about this month. confused-880735_640Despite all of my research and studying about blogging and marketing over the past two years I’m starting to feel like everything I thought was wrong. I’m overwhelmed with the amount of work it is taking to get my blog fully set up. There’s so much to do in order to make sure everything is organized and in it’s proper place. I am honestly starting to wonder why I didn’t do so much of this stuff sooner. In order to help combat the crazy that is my brain I have a ton of lists that I am working with and creating. Basically when you find yourself with too many thoughts that everything you are thinking is wrong, the best thing to do is make a list. Here’s a list of the lists I am currently working with or in the process of building. (Yes I have a list for my lists, try saying that five times fast.)

First, I have a March to do list, with all the things I need to accomplish this month to optimize and improve my blog.

Lists I am making or have already made this month:

Niche Key words for Google Alerts

Posts located under each category

Posts under each tagto-do-734587_640

List of tags used

List of articles by name that I have written

List of most popular articles by month (Top 5)

List of Posts to be used via Social Media (from across the web)

List of memes, quotes, gifs, videos to be used via social media

Make a list of what articles are linked to other articles i.e X article has a link for articles A, B, and C

Make a list of blogs I follow

Make a wish list of products for the business

Create a dump folder for stock images to use on blog and a separate for social media memes/motivational posts

Make a list of promotional activities for each social networking platform

Make a list of items to be printed

Make a list of rooms to declutter

I have also created lists for monthly, weekly, and daily to do’s for the blog and my household responsibilities. I love lists, and organizing my to do’s. To help keep my mind and work organized I set up a whole new system in the form of three poster boards and post-it’s. I stole the idea from one of my favorite bloggers Suzi from Start a Mom Blog. post-it-notes-1284667_640Her Super Simple Weekly Schedule helps me keep track of my events, housekeeping, and gives me some basic ideas of what’s going on with the blog that day. I am also using her Blog Vision Board and Editorial Calendar. The Editorial Calendar could also be used for a monthly schedule if you are not running a blog or if you just want to keep track of your monthly basics.


The Future of Blogging

Kinnectpay.com will be hosting it’s first conference June 10th, 2017 in Austin, TX at the Palmer Event Center. There will be 6 main speakers. The topics to be discussed are Recruiting and Networking, God and Business, Financial Literacy, Social Media and Brand Management, Blogging, and Leadership. Kinnectpay’s CEO Joel Usher will be the Leadership speaker, for details on the other speakers please stay tuned for next weeks article, where I will be giving you a brief bio of the 6 speakers. Recently I had a conversation with someone regarding the difference between Social Media Brand Management and Blogging the conversation really got me thinking about the usefulness of Kinnectpay to bloggers.

What Bloggers Do?

I really feel Kinnectpay.com will be a big part of the future for bloggers. Why do I believe this? I believe this because their is so much we as bloggers have to do in order to get our writing in front of others. We have to network, we have to post to social media outlets, and at the same time we have to create amazing content that people actually want to read. We have all of this work we have to do and many of us then have to cross our fingers hoping and praying that all of our work turns into cash. For many it doesn’t, for some it brings in some pocket change, and for a few it brings in full time incomes. With kinnectpay.com even those who are not making anything can make something.

How Kinnectpay can help:

Kinnectpay pay’s its members to connect they have a blog section, and when you post an update via your profile you can sync it so that the post will also show up via facebook and twitter. When you sign up for the Standard package you will be given the ability to post blog posts to the blog page. The more places people can find your work, and your name the greater chances of someone finding you. In addition, Kinnectpay is currently working on establishing a point system so that when you post a blog post via their site, log in to the website, or even post an update via their site you can earn points that you can turn into cash. This is on top of the cash you make for getting new people to sign up for the standard package.

Where is the future?

The future of blogging is now with Kinnectpay.com.

Post blog articles

Update three social media accounts with one click

Increase your google ranking by getting your name on a new up and coming platform

If you are interested in learning more about how Kinnectpay.com is the future of blogging and are located in the Austin, TX area or will be visiting during June 10th, then please head on over to the site to purchase your tickets and learn more about the Power of Kinnections Conference.

*This article has affiliate links by clicking the links and joining Kinnectpay.com I will receive compensation, this does not add any additional cost to your purchase.

Surviving Life with a Baby Part 7: Meal Planning

Since the new year I have been busy finding ways to get myself organized as a work at home mama. Meal planning is a big help when you are trying to cut down your grocery bill, but it also removes the worry about what’s for dinner. When it comes to life with a baby the concern of what is for dinner can be a big one, after all you are super busy changing diapers, breastfeeding, and chasing the little ones around it can be easy to forget that you have to feed yourself. Here are my top 5 meal planning tips.

Tip #1: Don’t plan too far ahead

I don’t plan ahead by more than 3 days, when I do the grocery shopping I buy based on what is on sale and what I currently have already at home if I am missing one or two ingredients for a favorite meal I make sure to pick those up. Many people who talk about meal planning tell you to plan out your entire week or month of meals in advance. I have a sensitive pallet and sometimes I am just not in the mood for something, so planning my menu out a week or even a month in advance is not realistic for me. It is for this reason that I make sure to have a variety of meals and snacks available. I typically buy two-three weeks worth of groceries at a time. How do I manage not to let food spoil when I only meal plan ahead by three days? I freeze a lot of our meats and we use frozen vegetables for a lot of meals. I do make stops to the store for perishables that run out before the two or three weeks is up.

Tip #2: Keep it visible

I have a white board on my fridge that allows me to plan out lunch and dinner for the week. I write down three days of meals in advance, and as I work through those three days I consider what we have left/available and brainstorm what I would like to eat after those three days. It helps me to see what we have already eaten so I know if I need to make one day a leftovers day. In addition, there are some days where I just don’t want to cook or we have too many errands to run so I will be sure to assign leftover days, pb&j days, or take out days as necessary.

Tip #3: Make a grocery list and stick to it

Just because you are not planning your meals a full week in advance, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider the number of meals you will need to make for the week or weeks ahead. When you make your grocery list make sure that the items you have listed can easily be mixed and matched together to form the number of meals necessary to make it to your next grocery shopping day. Prevent over spending by considering what is in your pantry, fridge, and freezer already. Consider some ideas for future meals, or new recipes you may be thinking of trying. Avoid buying things that are not on your list.

Tip #4: Put it in your planner

I like to plan my weeks out in advance, especially since I work from home running this blog and writing content for other websites. When I fill out my planner either at the beginning of the week or beginning of the month I like to write down my daily goals, my work goals, and what’s for dinner. I consider what my goals for that day are and any events/errands that are taking place that day. If it looks like an exhausting day I will opt for an easier to cook dish. For example last week I had a networking event to attend. I spent the whole day cleaning in preparation for the babysitter and  had to rush through getting ready so I could arrive to the location in time. I knew that when I got back that night I was going to be exhausted. I prepped part of the dinner ahead of time and kept it simple with pasta salad, sausage, and asparagus.

Tip #5: Prep ahead of time

Note how on the day that I was really busy last week I opted to prep earlier in the day for later in the evening. There are many ways to pre-prep your food. Some people opt for spending one day a month cooking/putting together a bunch of meals and then freezing them. This is an excellent option if you have help, I don’t have this thing called help so I often prep things the morning/afternoon before dinner, or sometimes I will prep the day before if I know I’m just not going to have time. Things I like to prep in advance are large amounts of chopping, and making of broth/chicken stock.

Did you find these tips helpful? How do you plan out your meals?


My Website Revamp Plan

Tax returns came in early last week, and as planned I bought my domain name. I now have the opportunity to make an income from my blog! I am so excited. I want my blog to be organized, and I want to really start working towards my goal of 10,000 followers by December. In order to do this I have decided to focus my energies this month to developing a marketing plan and putting it into action. I am also planning to set it up so that beyond this month I only have to spend one night a week marketing after all what I really enjoy is writing awesome content. So this month I’m going to forgo my 5 posts a week and knock it down to 3 so I can focus more energy towards growing my social networks. I have already redesigned my blogs layout and background as many of you might have noticed so here is my plan for March.

My goals for March:

This week:

I will be focusing my energies towards creating a weekly marketing plan for Facebook. I have a Google spreadsheet that I use to keep track of all of my posts for Kinnectpay’s facebook page, I plan to create a similar document for my blog. In addition, I will be editing 30 of my previous blog posts for basic errors and making notes on whether or not I need to update the images.

Week of March 12-18

Make sure all blog posts are under the correct tab. Make a spreadsheet for the types of posts available under each tab. Also create a list of previously used tags names of each article that utilizes that tag. Edit another 30 articles for basic errors and clarity, I will also note whether the images need to be updated.

Week of March 19-25

Create a marketing plan for Pinterest and Twitter. Make a list of what articles are under what category. Edit another 30 posts and note whether the images need to be updated.

Week of March 26-April 1st

Edit remaining posts and note whether the images need to be updated. Create a general pitch e-mail layout as well as update my writing portfolio. Create a list of tags and what articles are located under each tag. I will also create a list of companies to contact with pitches.

My goal is to have my blog running like a well oiled machine by the end of the month. In addition, I want it to look very professional so that I can grow the blog and connect with more people. If I want to reach 10,000 followers I need to have a good marketing plan, so the majority of my energy will go towards developing a marketing platform.

Power of Kinnections Conference

Happy Friday! Unfortunately I got sick last week and was unable to bring you this information sooner. However, I’m doing better now and I am excited to tell you about this golden opportunity coming up this June. On June 10th, 2017 Kinnectpay will be hosting its first annual conference in Austin, TX at the Palmer Event Center.

The conference is geared toward entrepreneurs, and small business owners. Individuals who are interested can purchase tickets at Kinnectpay.com. The conference will showcase a few different speakers covering social networking, marketing tactics, and blogging. In addition, there will be a networking mixer where you can meet with the sponsors and exchange information with the fellow conference goers.

Kinnectpay.com is a new social networking platform that pays its members to Kinnect. The website also connects with your social media accounts like facebook and twitter allowing you to have a one stop place for posting on multiple social media accounts simultaneously. If you haven’t joined kinnectpay you can do so by utilizing my refferal link here.

Kinnectpay is currently looking for sponsors to help in the hosting of the conference if you are interested in sponsoring or simply want more information you can contact the Events team at: creative.events@kinnectpay.com

Old Stuff Day

Today March 2, 2017 is Old  Stuff Day, as I was contemplating what I was going to write about today I found it difficult to decide after all I could make this post about older posts I’ve written, antiques that I own, or even just about things I’ve had forever. I began wondering what is defined as old? I mean anything can be considered old especially when you consider that time is relative. A child see’s their parents as old even though their parents may only be in their late 20’s or 30’s at the time the child is viewing them in this manner. However, socially we would not consider someone who is in their 20’s or 30’s old. I have stuff that has been with me since I was as young as a newborn, and I also have things that I’ve owned since elementary, middle, and high school. Some things I have I received while in college and other things I own I have obtained more recently since graduating college.

Instead of focusing on anything specific, I decided it would be more interesting to contemplate the philosophy of what is old. I turned 25 this year, and excluding a few antique books and pieces of furniture everything in my home is likely the same age or younger than me. We have a PS3, which though not the most recent in gaming systems is still not so old that people would call it such. I have an old school hoover vacuum that my brother in law gave us, some people would probably look at it and say it is old, but to me it’s just a vacuum I do not consider it as being old, but rather just a vacuum.

According to the oxford dictionary old has two definitions. The first defines old as having lived for a long time, no longer young. The second states old as belonging only or chiefly to the past; former or previous. Via the first definition we can see how children may view someone in their 20’s or 30’s as being old. However, I find it difficult to use this definition to state that my stuff is old. With the second definition I could see how some of my things might be defined as old. For example the PS3 is previous or former to the PS4 thereby making it possibly old or at the least outdated. My antique’s are a piece of history from the past same thing could also be said in regards to my stuffed animals that I’ve had since I was very young. Our old hoover vac may belong to the past in that they no longer make them like that anymore, but as it is still useful today and exists now I would have a hard time stating that it is old.

We all have things that are old in our home, however the great thing about old stuff is that it is never really old as long as we view it as being here present and young. It brings a new meaning to the statement “It Never Gets Old,” when you look at the way in which old is defined.

How do you define what is Old? Let me know in the comments below.

The Live Streaming Craze

Last year facebook launched the ability to stream live video straight to your profile page. Since then people have posted live footage of concerts, protests, and even day to day moments of their lives. Companies and bloggers have also been taking advantage of this new media format and hosting live interviews and free classes for their followers. Here are three ways live streaming can help grow your business.

Boost your facebook activity

When you boost your activity on your facebook and social networking sites, you also increase the odds of your information finding its way to your customers news feed. In addition, when you optimize your titles and postings using SEO you are increasing your odds of ending up on the front page of Google searches. Ultimately, you want to use live streaming to increase your social network activity. After all when your page is more active you will likely reach more people on a regular basis.

Optimize your website

The more traffic you have to both your social networking sites and your website the more likely you are to increase your Google ranking. When you host a live video make sure it relates and directs people back to your main website so that you not only increase sales, but also traffic. Increased traffic is the full proof way of increasing your google ranking.

Sell More Products

Live Streaming is free advertising for your business. Facebook costs you nothing, most phones, and laptops have cameras built in. So streaming live from anywhere is a possibility. With live streaming you can make your own mini commercial or service announcement. In addition, if you are someone who provides a service you can host a free mini course this way give people a taste of what you do so that they come to you willing to offer up the cash for the real product.

Live streaming is still a rather new endeavor, however I see a lot of potential in the technology for work from home and small business owners.

Public Sleeping Day

Today is public sleeping day. I’m sure every one of us has felt like falling asleep right smack dab in the middle of our day and I’m sure every one has fallen asleep in class at least once in their lifetime. Before college I never could have imagined sleeping anywhere outside of my home. However, I regularly took day time naps in places all over campus. Those all-nighters eventually come back to bite you.

I had 3 favorite napping spots. The most obvious one being the library. My university had some well placed napping chairs where students could frequently be found catching a quick 30 minute to hour long power nap. The student center also had some of the most comfortable couches for napping. In fact you would have trouble catching the two couches open as they were often filled by someone attempting to catch a nap between classes. As a junior I was accepted into my Universities Honor Program a cool perk many Honors Programs don’t advertise is that theirs a special secret room for students to use anytime of day. We had access to refrigerators so we could bring our lunch, free coffee, and if you had a group project you were working on it was perfectly okay to invite your group to meet there just as long as you didn’t give non-honors students the entry code. The room even had a wii and an xbox for students to play games that they could borrow for free from the honors office. This room was predominantly used by students to nap and eat lunch. my favorite perk as an honors student was this room.

In honor of Public Sleeping Day I give you my top 4 tips for sleeping in Public.

Tip #1:

Always have a warm jacket or light blanket available even if it isn’t cold. Being able to cover yourself or just your face from the glaring lights I found helped for more productive and restful sleep.

Tip #2:

Find a quiet place like a quiet hallway or library. You won’t be able to get any zzz’s if you are constantly being interrupted by yelling, shouting, or another person’s conversation. If you don’t have a quiet place play classical or relaxing music and pop in some ear buds.

Tip #3:

Set an alarm on your phone so you don’t oversleep and miss your next class, meeting, or work. Sometimes I would work on homework at the library and get tired while I was working. So I would set my alarm to wake me in 30 minutes. I would take a quick nap and wake up to continue working.

Tip #4:

Keep your personal belongings i.e backpack and purse close. I usually used mine as a pillow, or had my hand wrapped around the handle. You don’t want someone attempting to steal your stuff while you are sleeping.

What is your favorite public sleeping spot? Let me know in the comments below.