Starting the New Year off Right at Work

Do you have goals of a promotion, getting out of debt, or even quitting your job to do something else. Work is an integral part of all of our lives. Whether you work from home, in an office, or behind a counter it is important to set some type of goals that relate to your work.

Maybe you are already happy with your job, position, and income.You can still find something to perfect or improve. Maybe you have a habit of coming into work every Monday half awake. Do you spend too much time socializing during your lunch hour. How about forgetting to bring a lunch with you?Start the new year off at your job right. Determine which goals you have that may be related to your work.


Raise or Promotion:

If you have goals of a raise what steps are needed for you to get one. If you don’t know ask your boss or supervisor. Request a meeting with them to discuss your work performance and how you can make it to the next level.

Are you your own boss and supervisor? Then consider how you performed last year. How can you do a better job this year? If you run your own business check out my article 5 Things to Do For Your Business Before the New Year.

Get Organized:

Look at your work space is it organized, cluttered, do you have balled up papers and used coffee cups sitting all over? Take some time to clean up your space, recycle any old papers, file away the stuff you are not currently needing. Organize and clean your computer files too. If you can’t find what you need how can you expect to work faster.



Even if you are not expecting a raise or a promotion this year look at your budget. Financial goals are excellent sources of drive to work harder or even to keep working on the days when you are just not feeling it. Is your goal to get out of debt this year, maybe you want to purchase a house or are expecting a baby? Do you have an opportunity to pick up extra hours somewhere? Does your job get more busy during certain months? Create a budget. Look at each paycheck. Also examine last years W-2. Are you expecting to make the same, more, less?

If you are planning to quit your job, start your own business, or simply go elsewhere carefully consider your savings and expenses. Determine how much you will need as a safe guard. 3 months worth of bills is best if you are planning to quit without having something lined up. 6 months of bills if you are going to start your own business. If you have a big expense coming up about how much are you thinking it is going to cost? How much have you saved so far? How much will you need to reach your goal?


Maybe money isn’t what drives you. It could be your family, maybe you have a special vacation planned? Keep an image of what drives you at your work space. If you work from home, help kill the distractions working from home often breads  by setting up a designated work space, and changing your clothes every morning. Even if you simply change from one pair of sweats to another,the act of changing your clothes implies a transition is taking place a move from night to day.

Finally, get into a regular evening/morning routine if you do not already have one. If you work from home, set a designated wake up time and bedtime. Develop an order of events for yourself. Brushing teeth, showering, eating breakfast and dinner.

What are your work goals this New Year? Please Share in the comments.




Five Things to Do For Your Business Before the New Year

The holiday season is a time to celebrate with friends and family. It is also a time for preparing for the new year. That means looking back at what worked and what didn’t.

board-1097118_1920Examine what went right this year.

I always like to look at the bright side of things. I think it is important to look at the positives that took place this year. What were the positives that took place with your business. Did you have a really good month? Did you land a big client? Did you successfully launch a new product? How did you manage to acquire that success. My big success this year was in increasing the variation in the topics that I covered on my blog. I managed to do this by creating a large list of different ideas centered around each topic. I continued to do this throughout the year, writing down every idea that came into mind. I found it was easier to log into my blog site and create a draft for each new idea that I came up with. It made it a lot easier to plan and get writing.

peas-580333_1920Examine where you could have improved this year. How will you change this in 2017.

I feel I could have done better not only with promoting my site, but also with finding more clients to write for. It is good to examine the places where your business was lacking. Did you have a product that didn’t sell so well. Did you loose clients? Did you have a month that did not do so well? Maybe you had a very steady year with no real catastrophes or issues. What could you have done to make it a better year? In the new year I plan on improving my site promotion, by updating my facebook page daily. I update the Kinnectpay facebook 12 times a day five days a week. My plan is to do something similar  only I’m thinking of updating my site four or five times a day at first five days a week. Over time I might consider updating it more often.

I’m going to look for more writing clients by re-launching my fiverr account and creating a video to use as advertisement on the site. I’m planning to set at least two days a  week focused on completing work for fiverr. In addition to locating work via Fiverr I will also search for work via craigslist once a week and keep an eye out for any interesting writing competitions.

calculator-428294_1920Develop an expense sheet.

Every company should have an expense sheet. What  will you need to purchase for the company. What overhead will you have to pay this year? My overhead is simple in the past its been practically nothing a notebook here, an e-book purchase there. All in all my costs have been minimal at best. This year however, I’m purchasing the rights to my blog it will cost me about $100. I have a few other purchases planned as well including business cards, and a file of motivational memes I can use to help increase traffic flow to my facebook page. I use Googles spread sheets to keep track of my monthly income from Kinnectpay and other sources.

target-1747236_1920Develop a plan of action.

Plan your year in advance. What does your week to week or month to month look like in the New Year. As a blogger my plan of action for this year is to  write more often, update my social networking sites, and to reopen my fiverr account. As a small business owner you might have plans to expand or maybe you want to test out  a new marketing tool. Whatever goals you have set for the new year come up with ways of reaching those goals. Create small goals that build you up to your bigger goals.

suit-453476_1280Develop a marketing Strategy.

There are so many ways to market your business. Know your clientele  and you will have the best way by which to market your business. Some businesses will do better being marketed via social media, others stand a better chance via multi-media (i.e videos and images). There is a social networking site for just about every type of business from a housekeeping to app development there is something out their for everyone. No matter what type of business you own. If you are looking for a social networking site where you can work together with other small business owners while also gaining a base for clientele I definitely recommend using Kinnectpay the only social networking site that pays you to “kinnect.”

This article was sponsored by What types of things do you do to prepare your business for the new year? Let me know in the comments below.

4 Signs of a Good Business Owner

Small business ownership has definitely made a come back in the past decade or so. With the internet and social networking the world is  our oyster and you can find a market for just about anything these days as long as you have the Drive, Flexibility, Passion, and Communication skills to sell your product and/or skill set. There is really no limit to what you can do as a small business owner. One man recently went on the Television show Shark Tanks to sell his idea of selling stick drawings of cats. After his debut on the show he received nearly a million order requests at $10 a drawing he made bank. How to know if you can make it as a small business owner.


Do you have drive? Are you Goal oriented? Do you have a reason motivating you to keep moving forward despite the road blocks, lack of sleep, and hard work you will most definitely be putting in? If you want to be a small business owner the first thing you need to understand is that it takes a lot of work to build a business, no one captures success in a day, it is done by trial and error and with lots of hours, days, weeks, months, and sometimes even years of hard work. My blog has been up and running for almost two years and I have yet to make a dime directly related to my blog. The money I have made from writing is small. However, a lot of trial and error took place. I have learned so much in the last two years and I  am sure that come next year I will see bigger and better results of my labor.

Kinnectpay has been working towards its goal of a website that pays people to connect for a number of years as well. This year they went live and have started hosting monthly events to bring notice to the website. In time they will grow as well. Kinnectpay aims to assist small businesses reach their goals by providing marketing campaigns, motivation, and camaraderie between small business owners. It is important to set goals for yourself when starting a new business. The goals she not only outline goals for your business, but goals for how the business will help you out either financially, spiritually, or even health wise. There are so many reasons to go into business for yourself some people do it so they can spend more time with their children, others do it to help get themselves out of debt. Others feel a spiritual calling to the work that they are doing. Finally, some are not in good enough health to maintain a 9-5 job. It may be they have anxiety, or that they are in and out of the hospital/ Dr’s offices to often. What ever your reason for starting your own small business keep it in mind as you create and develop your goals.


It is important that when you are running your small business whether you are doing it along side a full time job at an office or as a parent that you make the necessary time your business needs in order to flourish. As a parent it can be easy to allow your children to take up all of your waking hours, but its important that when running your own business you find and use every minute wisely. If that email needs to get sent out this morning and can’t wait the 30-40 minute morning routine you have with your little one, then let the little one sit in the crib for ten extra minutes while you write and send that email. Do you have 3 posts to write in a week or three orders to fill before the week is up and its only Monday? I’m not saying to complete ignore your other responsibilities, but if you need to find someone to watch your little one for an hour or so while you work do it. If you need to just stick them in their play pen with cartoons while you work do it.

It is important to find extra time in all aspects of your day. Currently Kinnectpay is working on a way to assist your with saving time on your marketing by updating the site so that all posts that you make on their website will automatically be updated to your other social networking accounts if you choose. Once the update has been completed and confirmed I will post an article providing more information. There are many ways to work out a good routine for your day to day activities related to your business. Some small businesses may find it better to keep a routine like 9-5, but others may have better luck with an evening routine or a fractured routine that changes by the month. It is important to know how to prioritize and use your time in order to be a successful small business owner.


You will not have a successful business if you do not love what you are doing. You must be passionate about your work. Passion provides you with your Drive and helps you to develop and reach goals you had previously thought beyond your capabilities. If you do not love the business you are getting into then eventually it will seem like work or any other job. So when decided what type of small business to start choose something that brings you joy. Do you love writing? Starting a blog or becoming a freelance writer or editor could be small business for you. Do you enjoy sewing, baking, crochet, what about gardening? As I mentioned earlier one man manages to make a living selling stick figure cat pictures.

Is there a need in your community, that you feel you can really fill? If your community needs something and you have a means of filling it that just might be the business you should develop and create. Kinnectpay was originally developed by Joel Usher because he felt that social networking users should be able to make a profit off of their social networking habit. Social networking sites are free because they sell the information provided by their users to  other businesses. They follow your history and sell advertising space to businesses that relates to  your search and check in histories. Joel felt that in and individuals personal information was being used to make money part of that money should go back to the individual. Joel is passionate about making Kinnectpay the leading social networking site one day.


You can not gain support, or customers without communicating and networking for your business. Good communication skills can make or break a business, you must be willing to call strangers, email people, and introduce yourself face to face with other individuals. If you are not comfortable with communicating with others or if you often find yourself not coming across how you intended to then starting your own business could prove difficult.

It is important when running a small business that you stay in communication with not just everyone involved, but your customer base as well. A great way to do that is via social networking. Updating your networking sites regularly will provide you more web activity and increase your sales as a result. If you want assistance in expanding your social network reach consider joining today.


This post was sponsored by

Creative Events:

Earlier this year I wrote a post regarding a new social networking site The website is dedicated towards helping small business owners and individuals who want to make money networking. Kinnectpay pays you for bringing friends to the site. For more information please review my blog post Make the Leap into Social Networking.

Kinnectpay offers a host of small business marketing opportunities including Creative Events. This months creative event takes place on November 10th from 7-9 pm at Radio Milano in Houston, TX.

Every event hosts a dynamic speaker sharing ideas and educating entrepreneurs on how to improve their skills and grow their business. Erselette Baxter is a Senior accountant passionate about aiding people towards meeting their financial goals.

Each ticket comes with a free cocktail as well as a choice of a glass of white or red wine. The event is set up to provide an opportunity to mix and mingle with other small business owners and marketing execs. Kinnectpay provides marketing assistance including facebook and twitter updates, blog post and website content creation. They also offer the option for radio advertisements on there internet radio site.

This event is a great opportunity for those wanting to practice their networking skills or for those small business owners looking for some assistance in marketing their business. Whether you are a freelance writer, etsy seller, fiver contractor, landscape artist, or real estate agent having a large network of people you can connect with will allow you to expand your business.

Tickets are $30 and buy you the opportunity to meet some great people enjoy some great adult refreshments and listen to an amazing motivational speaker. For tips on how to work a networking event click here.

5 Tips for Rocking a Networking Event

Networking events are great opportunities to meet with other entrepreneurs and business owners. However, it can be daunting to walk into a room full of strangers unsure of what to say. These are five tips for rocking any networking event.

Tip #1: Bring your business cards. The worst thing you can do is show up to an event and not have any business cards to hand out to people. Business cards provide a way for people to remember you and get in touch with you.

Tip #2: Walk into the room like you own the place. What does this mean you might ask? Well it simply means dress appropriate and be confident. When you enter any room full of strangers it is best to be confident enough in yourself to know that no matter who these people are you have something they need.

Tip #3: Ask questions. Don’t feel you have to give every person you meet a sales pitch about yourself. You can’t know what others need if you don’t first ask them. Ask people for their name, their business card, what they do, and how they came up with the idea.

Tip #4: Practice active listening. Don’t just hear what the others in the room have to say, listen and give intelligent responses to their questions. Ask them appropriate questions that relate to the conversation.

Tip #5: Talk to everyone, just because you don’t think the person can provide a service that you need does not mean you can’t provide a service to them. In addition, you never know when your needs may change and you might end up needing that person or vice a versa.

Kinnectpay is hosting a creative event on November 10th with a special guest motivational speaker and two free drinks with the purchase of a ticket. Kinnectpay is a social networking site that pays you for bringing friends to their site. For more information about Kinnectpay please click here. For more information regarding the event please see my post Creative Events: to be posted Monday, November 7, 2016.


I recently mentioned in my 15 month baby post that I had begun a new job working for Instacart. Instacart is a grocery delivery site that shops and delivers groceries directly to your door. It offers an excellent opportunity to pick up extra cash if you are working with them, but also saves you a lot of time and energy if you use the delivery system.

You can use either the online website or the app. Its as simple as going to the website inputting your zip code and setting up your account. You can then select your preferred store and select the items you want. The list will be sent to a shopper who will pick up everything from the store and place it on a shelf, in a fridge, or in a freezer until a delivery driver can pick it up and deliver it to your door. Your first delivery is free, and if you use my promo code BGREGORY45152 you can get a $5 coupon off your first order.

If you are interested in working for Instacart you can use the same code as a means of helping with your hiring process. Payment is in the form of minimum wage, but you also receive “TIPS.”In the end you can average anywhere from $12-$25 per hour. The best part for me is that they take out the taxes so their is no guess work at the end of the year. I’ve only been working it a few weeks, but I average about $50-60 per day when I work. I only work about 1-3 days a week.

New Years Resolutions: Re-evaluation

So we are half way through the year, and so many things have changed. Things I never expected or prepared for. I feel it is good to reassess the goals you have set out for yourself, especially when so much change has already taken place. At the beginning of this year I had prepared myself to increase my writing business and to begin looking for a job after the baby was a year old. However, as you know I ended up going to work a lot sooner than that. I’m really enjoying my new job and even though it isn’t something I would have ever dreamed about doing. It is easy enough and pays well enough that I find myself happy with it. I did not get the promotion I applied for, however I did learn a lot of valuable information by simply having gone through the process and tried. There is lots of room for growth in my position. I’m hoping that by the end of year I will be able to see some sort of promotion taking place.

The most difficult thing about looking for a job when you have a degree is the requirement of at least 2 years of work experience that is needed in addition to the degree. I’m finally in a place where I can gain that experience and if I am able to get a promotion during the process that looks all the better on me. As it is I have chosen to re-evaluate  my new years resolutions and do them over. I think it is important for everyone to stop about mid year and think back on their resolutions have you done anything to get closer to them? Did you give up too early? Or did something take place, which may make those original goals a little unrealistic. I feel it is important to be honest with ourselves about what it is we can do. No one knows you the way you know you. As it is I’ve developed some new goals for the following 6 months.


Begin saving up money for a daycare deposit. Daniel is planning to go back to work soon and as a result we might need to place the baby in daycare.

Start helping with the chores on a regular basis.

Create a writing schedule.


Redo presentation so that I’m prepared if another trainer position comes available at work.

Get healthy, reevaluate the things I am doing with my health and how I could do better. Health insurance kicks in mid July.


Daniel should be working at this point, lets make a get out of debt budget.


Fall Cleaning, lets get this apartment organized with everything having its own place.


Plan a vacation for the holidays, goodness knows we need it after the long year we have had.


Begin thinking about the year ahead, Daniel starts school in the Spring. Are we prepared what more needs to be done to make this a reality.

Daniel and I know what we want out of life, and that is to enjoy it. Eat good food, have some fun experiences, and be happy and in love. We want to build a happy loving family together one that doesn’t judge and put down its children for being unique individuals. We want to raise a family that loves each other despite the faults we might all have. We want to build a family that supports one another and does not expect anything in return we do things because we love each other. We give it back without the other asking us to. That is what we want, that is our goal. We hope that we can be successful at it, but you never know what the future holds. Even if our children end up hating us, we want to at least feel good and know that we tried. We are setting down the foundation and the building blocks that will allow us to give our children the best future we know how to give. We were not prepared for Wesley, but now that he is in our lives we would not change it for the world. I love him so much.


In a couple of weeks I will be posting my 12 month baby post the end of the first year. After that I will post 3 month updates on how he is developing over the course of his second year. I’m hoping you’ve enjoyed following me on this journey and I look forward to continuing well into the future. Who knows maybe one day I will be a stay at home mom who gets to make her money writing from her computer. For now however, I don’t mind being the working mom.




Week 16, 17, and 18 Resolutions Post

The past three weeks have been fast-paced and busy with beginning the new job.  As a result I’m very behind on my posts. March was all about building a budget, and my husband and I were able to sit down after my second paycheck and make a true plan for our future. April was all about socializing and building friendships. I definitely made a couple of co-worker friends, and I strengthened some of my old friendships. January-April of this year were all dedicated to a different aspect of the person I want to be. Health, business, financial, and social as we move on to the month of May I plan to rededicate my attention towards health especially when I think about how I have yet to really meet my January goal.

May is therefore rededicated to health. My husband has discussed the possibility of teaching me martial arts and I just might take him up on it. I’m thinking I will also go ahead and buy myself a new pair of running shoes using some extra amazon bucks I earned through swagbucks.

I know it has been three weeks and this is a short post,but life is and has been so busy of late that I don’t have the time for much more.

Week 15 Resolutions Post

I’m into week one of training at my new job and I have three weeks to go I haven’t made any “friends,” but I have been social talking talking to my fellow work mates and getting to know them. I have decided to  cut out one of my friends who have shown themselves to be both an abusive and unreliable friend.

As for budgeting my husband and I are keeping it tight, he’s been very creative with the ingredients on hand in our pantry. We’ve also been depending on sales  and coupons to keep our food cost down.

I have been slacking when it comes to keeping up with my writing schedule. Between searching for a job and locating one, time just got away from me. I’m hoping to find a good schedule that works around my new job. I have managed to keep up with my work load from Kinnectpay, the extra cash has been helpful.

Mentally I’ve been doing well at keeping myself calm. It is still a bit of a roller coaster. Leaving the baby was stressful, but I also enjoy not having the baby attached to me all hours of the day. He is so happy when I get home that I can’t help but to cuddle him. I love my baby cuddles so much. It makes me happy to know that I am doing something so wonderful as providing for my son. Both nutritionally with the breastfeeding, but also financially. I’m eating so much better now that I have a consistent schedule, not to mention the fact that I have an amazing chef husband who is making sure I am eating not only the right things, but consistently.

5 Steps to the Perfect Interview

This past month  I went on a number of interviews in search of obtaining a job that paid consistently and could take care of my family, while my husband worked on healing after everything he’s been through the past few months. Over the past couple of years I had read a lot about how to have a successful interview. To be honest my first interview did not go so well mainly because I wasn’t sure going into the interview, whether I really wanted the job.

My first step for you, going into any interviews whether its a job you feel you are likely to hate or to love make sure you go in there with the attitude that you want it . No matter what reason you have to give yourself about why you want the job go in there with the attitude that above anyone else you must have it. The job is yours, you want that job even if its so no one else can have it. Be selfish in your thinking.

Next actually you should probably do this before ever going into the interview. Research the company and the position you are applying for. Create a list of questions both related to the job and related to the company. Take the questions into your interview. It shows interest and a desire to learn when you ask questions. Asking questions also tells you whether or not you want the job or if your lucky and receive multiple offers helps you to make a more informed decision.

Dress for the job you want. When scheduling the interview ask about the dress code. It’s important that you follow these three guidelines when picking out your interview outfit. First, pick something comfortable. Second, pick something that will help you standout. Finally, make sure your within dress code. For example if you are going for a job with Business Professional attire avoid wearing all black, spice it up with accessories or colors that fit your personality. You don’t want to blend, you want to stand out (but in a good way). I applied and had interviews with a number of business professionals. Many of the others interviewing had a basic black on black suit outfit. I on the other hand was wearing nice colored tops with slacks and nice jewelry nothing that appeared cheap. Note my jewelry was also not flashy.

Finally, get to your interview early and go into the bathroom. Look at yourself in the mirror with your hands on your hips like a superhero, smile, and be aware of proper posture. This will give you a chemical boost of positive energy. It tells your brain you are confident and reminds you that the job is yours.


What do you do to prepare for an interview?