My Website Revamp Plan

Tax returns came in early last week, and as planned I bought my domain name. I now have the opportunity to make an income from my blog! I am so excited. I want my blog to be organized, and I want to really start working towards my goal of 10,000 followers by December. In order to do this I have decided to focus my energies this month to developing a marketing plan and putting it into action. I am also planning to set it up so that beyond this month I only have to spend one night a week marketing after all what I really enjoy is writing awesome content. So this month I’m going to forgo my 5 posts a week and knock it down to 3 so I can focus more energy towards growing my social networks. I have already redesigned my blogs layout and background as many of you might have noticed so here is my plan for March.

My goals for March:

This week:

I will be focusing my energies towards creating a weekly marketing plan for Facebook. I have a Google spreadsheet that I use to keep track of all of my posts for Kinnectpay’s facebook page, I plan to create a similar document for my blog. In addition, I will be editing 30 of my previous blog posts for basic errors and making notes on whether or not I need to update the images.

Week of March 12-18

Make sure all blog posts are under the correct tab. Make a spreadsheet for the types of posts available under each tab. Also create a list of previously used tags names of each article that utilizes that tag. Edit another 30 articles for basic errors and clarity, I will also note whether the images need to be updated.

Week of March 19-25

Create a marketing plan for Pinterest and Twitter. Make a list of what articles are under what category. Edit another 30 posts and note whether the images need to be updated.

Week of March 26-April 1st

Edit remaining posts and note whether the images need to be updated. Create a general pitch e-mail layout as well as update my writing portfolio. Create a list of tags and what articles are located under each tag. I will also create a list of companies to contact with pitches.

My goal is to have my blog running like a well oiled machine by the end of the month. In addition, I want it to look very professional so that I can grow the blog and connect with more people. If I want to reach 10,000 followers I need to have a good marketing plan, so the majority of my energy will go towards developing a marketing platform.


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