The Live Streaming Craze

Last year facebook launched the ability to stream live video straight to your profile page. Since then people have posted live footage of concerts, protests, and even day to day moments of their lives. Companies and bloggers have also been taking advantage of this new media format and hosting live interviews and free classes for their followers. Here are three ways live streaming can help grow your business.

Boost your facebook activity

When you boost your activity on your facebook and social networking sites, you also increase the odds of your information finding its way to your customers news feed. In addition, when you optimize your titles and postings using SEO you are increasing your odds of ending up on the front page of Google searches. Ultimately, you want to use live streaming to increase your social network activity. After all when your page is more active you will likely reach more people on a regular basis.

Optimize your website

The more traffic you have to both your social networking sites and your website the more likely you are to increase your Google ranking. When you host a live video make sure it relates and directs people back to your main website so that you not only increase sales, but also traffic. Increased traffic is the full proof way of increasing your google ranking.

Sell More Products

Live Streaming is free advertising for your business. Facebook costs you nothing, most phones, and laptops have cameras built in. So streaming live from anywhere is a possibility. With live streaming you can make your own mini commercial or service announcement. In addition, if you are someone who provides a service you can host a free mini course this way give people a taste of what you do so that they come to you willing to offer up the cash for the real product.

Live streaming is still a rather new endeavor, however I see a lot of potential in the technology for work from home and small business owners.


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