Monthly Roundup/Review February

I learned quiet a bit about organizing my time this month. Unfortunately our household came down with the flu making me once again a week behind on my work. It is so frustrating being sick and this time it wasn’t just me, but the baby and my husband were also down for the count to. Seeing as I am the mom it was my responsibility to care for everyone and make them well, while simultaneously trying to make myself better too. Hopefully we are done with the long case of the ick for the remainder of the year, because I’m really wanting everything to work out for my business. Now on to this months review/recap.

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My favorite posts to write this month:

Hobbies Post: Tortilla Soup Recipe

Library Lovers Day

Single Tasking Day

Bouncing Back After Illness

Posts that Received the Most Traffic:

My views were definitely up this month from last month. My most popular post still seems to be the Expiration vs. Used By Dates (which I wrote nearly two years ago). However, it looks like many of this months posts were well received. My second most popular post this month was Hobbies Post: Tortilla Soup Recipe. I find it interesting how even though I have moved away from the food posts, these are still the most popular. Library Lovers Day was almost as popular as the Tortilla Soup Recipe. Runners up included Hobbies: Reading List, Work Naked Day, Clean out Your Computer Day, and Laugh and Get Rich Day.


New Years Resolutions:


I walked a lot this month. I found that doing errands with the baby in the stroller is fun and makes me feel like I actually accomplished something. I also discovered that our local Burger King has a tot spot perfect for my son to ware himself out and utilize some extra energy. I’ve been eating healthier food and drinking more water. I still haven’t managed to get 100% on board with a work out routine, or even a morning routine for that matter. I’m hoping we stop getting sick and I’m able to work something more consistent out.


We are doing okay financially of course there are always ways we could be doing better, we are nervously waiting for our tax returns and have fleshed out a plan for exactly how we are going to use the money. We will be paying off some debt and getting my husband a credit card so we can build him some real credit. Thanks to Credit sesame we discovered that my husbands credit is low because he doesn’t have any really. We found that if we put $200 down we can get him a credit card in order for him to build a credit line. The plan is to use it for gas and maybe a few regular bills and pay it within the same week of charging it so we are only using money we have. We’ve chosen to move home to Houston, TX and the end of our lease and will be putting aside $4,000 for the move. We are carefully budgeting our money working towards our big financial goals. By this time next year things will be looking a great deal brighter and better for our family.


This month my extra energy went towards cooking some yummy and delicious meals. I posted my amazing tortilla soup recipe, but I also made some yummy burgers, and a very earth rich vegetarian dinner. I love it when I get inspired to cook and either improve a recipe to the point of perfection or find an all new recipe that tastes amazing. Meal planning was very helpful this month and allowed me to explore my culinary skill a bit.

To summarize:

My basic resolutions are all being maintained and met so far. Despite the constant barrage of illness that has been rampaging my household for the past two months I’m getting a lot better about jumping back into the swing of things after catastrophe. In the past I would have taken my sweet time to clean up and jump back into work. Now I get sick and once the sick has passed I jump right back into work and getting the house back together. Financially we are no better than we have been, but we are not worse either soon we will caught up  and we have a plan in place to keep us from returning to this place. Though we’ve been sick a lot I’m working on bringing in healthy meals and snacks. I’ve actually managed to eat healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner regularly.

Writing Goals:

I set some specific goals this year. Currently I’m doing a pretty good job of sticking to my goals despite the fact that I keep falling ill. The only goal I have not maintained is my one to publish 5 posts per week. Currently I am about a week or so short on posts. I missed about 3 or so the first time I was sick and then most recently I missed out on two articles. Perhaps down the line I can make up for it by writing a few weeks of 6 posts. I’m not sure when or if I will have time for this, but if I do then I will write and pre-schedule the posts so there’s less confusion.


I have two potential new clients in the works right now. If anything was successful this month it was my networking skills. I was contacted by an old friend as well as a previous co-worker with potential money making opportunities this month. I’m hoping to have more information by next month and who knows maybe by April or May I’ll be making some money off of it.

Creative Writing:

I haven’t done any creative writing lately, but I have been getting pretty creative with some of my blog posts this past month. I started covering fun holidays this year and I have been having a blast finding ways to incorporate them into the blog. Single Tasking Day was especially interesting as I realized how I had been utilizing the concept of single tasking  to get my day to day chores and writing work done. Focusing my energies on one task at a time has helped me not only to get more things done, but to work faster. It used to take me about two hours to write and publish a single blog post. I managed to cut that time in half this month.


My Income Report: $135

Total: $135

Since I was behind already from last months illness and was put behind again thanks to the flu this month I was not able to give much attention to Iwriter. This months money is of course covering the expense of the family being ill again. However, I’m hoping next month will be a different story. Despite the fact that I didn’t get to do more work with I-writer I did manage to increase my income this month. Increased income is always a good thing.

How did you manage your goals this month? Were you able to achieve any big goals this month? Let me know in the comments below.


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