Hobbies: The Cursed Child Book Review

Harry Potter The Cursed Child was released November 18, 2015. I was busy having a baby that year, and learning to be a mom so it got past my book nerd radar.I was pleasantly surprised to get the book as a Christmas present (December 2016) and read it before bed over the course of three nights (January 2017). To be honest excluding Shakespeare I have never been a big fan of reading plays. (Ironic when you consider that I spent 4 years between middle school and high school taking Theater courses.) However, I really enjoyed reading the newest installment in the Harry Potter series.

Summary: (Spoiler warning)

The book is written in play format and the story of one of Harry Potters’ sons’ Albus Severus Potter. The book brings back episodes from the past as Albus and his best friend Scorpius (Malfoy’s Son) go back in time in an attempt to rescue “the spare” who died during the tri-wizard tournament. A surprise twist lands them both in the hands of an unknown relative of Lord Voldemort. The book or play seems to have been written as a means of summarizing the rest of the lives of Harry Potter and his friends. We learn what became of Malfoy, Harry, Ginny, Hermione, and Ron.

Critical Assessment: (Spoiler for the ending)

I loved getting to read this story I felt just as attached to the characters as I was in reading the original seven books. However, I felt much was left out and as though some of the characters were down played. Ron’s roll irritated me, I disliked the way they turned him into his mother. I would have understood them doing that with Ginny, but I felt the way they turned Ron into this goofy house husband was a bit weird. Overall though I really got a kick out of the surprise twist ending. It was like seeing my teen girl fanfiction stories coming to life as I imagined Voldemort had a daughter, but in my version the daughter attended school with Harry and his friends. In the end, the book fulfilled all of my needs regarding an 8th tale even if I do wish they had given more attention to all of the children, vs. giving so much of the focus on the one child. I do see why they choose the route that they did, after all their is only so much you can say in a play or even a movie.

Audience Perspective:

I think any Harry Potter fan who reads the book will enjoy the story, they will of course have their own concerns as so much time has passed since the series ended we have begun to romanticize the futures of these characters. We have our own feelings about what would happen with each of them. We also have our wishes for how it ended, many of us did not get our wishful endings, but no matter how you look at it. Harry Potter has been the book series of the millennial generation. We will read these books with our children, we will show them the movies, and we will speak of the great J.K Rowling as the generations before us spoke of Tolkien.

Have you read the book? Where their things you didn’t like? Things that you had previously imagined? Tell me in the comments below?


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