Library Lovers Day

Happy Valentines Day everyone, for those who do not know today is also Library Lovers Day. My husband is a chef and therefore we don’t really get to celebrate today together as he is busy feeding all the other happy couples of the world. Don’t fret though he does always manage to get me some kind of flower in celebration. He actually bought my gift early this year. I have a beautiful heart shaped orchid plant or rather two orchids sharing a pot. I’m hoping my green thumb works out to keep it alive and to see it re-blom when the current blooms eventually fall off. In honor of this special love filled day I have my bucket list of libraries I wish to one day visit. Anyone who knows me, understands I have a great love of books. In fact, I have a small library of my own ranging close to 800 volumes not including children’s books for the baby.

So here it is my library bucket list:

Oxford Public Library

Housing over 10,000 volumes, this library is a classic example of the beauty libraries hold. In fact, if I get the chance I would like to visit all of the Oxford University libraries as well. It is  a secret dream of mine to one day give a lecture at Oxford. To do this I will likely have to get my Ph.D and write an awesome research paper. It will happen one day, after all someone who loves research and writing as much as I do, should have no problem.

Library of Alexandria

It was the largest library in ancient times, originally dedicated to the Nine Godesses of the Arts. The original burned down, their is argument of exactly when, though it is believed it might have burned a few times. In 2002 the Bibliotheca Alexandria was completed in commemoration of the original. Seeing as we do not have a way to go directly back in time, I would love to visit the library commemorating the original Library of Alexandria. To me this is the most romantic of libraries, because of its long history as a academic resource and place of knowledge.

The Welsh Town of Hay-On-Wye

This little town has the largest private collection of books, their is literally a used book store on every corner. I know this isn’t really a library, but it might as well be. There are so many books in this small little town, it seems crazy to me that any book lover would not have this place on their list of dream places to visit. I stumbled upon this place when I was playing around pinterest.

To be honest, there are many many libraries on my list of places to visit, but these  were my top three. What are some beautiful libraries you would like to visit or have visited? Let me know in the comments below. Happy Library Lovers Day everyone.





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