How to Write an Undergraduate Essay Like a Master’s Student: Part 3

Literature Review:

Now that you have all of your research collected it is time to write up your Literature Review. A literature review, will not be required for all research papers or by all professors. Some will ask for it as a precursor to your paper. This is their way of making sure you have begun the research process. In simple terms a Literature review, reviews the articles you have selected to use for your research paper.

Step 1:

Read all of the articles, and books you have selected to use in your research. Make sure to take notes

Step 2:

Choose one quote or more that you will likely use from each article in your paper.

Step 3:

Summarize each article and how it is useful to your research topic.

Step 4:

Make sure each article has its own paragraph.

The literature review will often include the introduction to your paper. This means you will have designed a thesis and you will show in the literature review how each of your articles helps support or dispute that thesis statement. The literature review is not the body of your paper, but merely a supporter of your introduction as well as a tool for developing what will eventually become the body of your paper. Sometimes articles will be small and support the same concept or point within your paper in this case it may be beneficial or helpful to combine two or sometimes three articles into one paragraph.

In case you missed my article describing how to locate literature for your paper be sure to check out that article here.



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