Job Search 101: Top 5 Job Hunting Tips

Finding a job is hard, in fact for me finding a job is much harder than keeping one. I’m an excellent employee. Unfortunately I tend to overwork and over stress myself in the process. For this reason my husband and I have decided it is much easier and better for our family if I stay home and work. My husband, he can find a job with no problem. He once quit a job and sat down on the couch he said he would look the next day for a new one because he was too pissed and needed to cool off. Thirty minutes later he got a phone call, someone heard he had quit and asked if he wanted to come work for them. He didn’t even have to get off the couch and he had a job! So you can imagine my frustration at the job search. However, if I was ever in a real bind and needed a job tomorrow I’m sure I could get one if I was desperate enough to beg…maybe.

Talking to my husband about job searching has taught me a lot about the job hunt though. My husband has held over 200 jobs in his lifetime and he is turning 31 this year.

Tip #1 Always talk to the hiring manager.

If you walk into a place in search of a job, be sure to ask to speak with the hiring manager. If they are not there or not available ask when they will be and go back later. You do not need to waste your time talking to someone who has no control over hiring. Also go in during slow hours (especially if you are applying at a retail store, coffee house or restaurant).

Tip #2: How your dressed doesn’t necessarily matter

Okay so this is a weird one. If you are going in for an interview with a law firm or big time corporate office, yes please dress up Business Professional. However, if you are applying at a restaurant or a retail store. They want to know about your skills more than anything else and if you go in their confident and showing them that you are ready to work, you could be wearing a trash bag and they won’t care. Just make sure you don’t show up to your first day of work looking like that. I don’t know how many people I’ve seen get hired over me who were dressed like they could care less about the job. However, they got the job not because they were any more qualified than I , but because they wanted the job more than I did and portrayed that in the way they spoke to the hiring manager and answered their questions.

Tip#3: Create an amazing Resume/Cover Letter

Post your resume on job sites you will have potential employers contacting you within a week to a month. It is not the fastest way to get a job, but this is also if you are looking for a more corporate type position. Corporate positions take time to find no matter who you are. There’s a long hiring process, because everyone wants a job with benefits and paid vacation. If you are looking for a job like this you will be sure to find a number of options by doing this. Personally I like for this option, but there are many out there. I actually got my last job this way, and I have left my resume up and still get emails requesting I come in for an interview nearly a year later. I keep it up just in case I need to jump back into the job market at a last minute notice.

For more information and advice on writing a resume check out my post Job Search 101: The Perfect Resume.

Tip#4: Don’t be afraid to call potential Employers

If you don’t want to drive all over town asking stores and restaurants if they are hiring and if their hiring manager is available. You can always call ahead and ask. My husband has gotten a few jobs by doing this. He called up a couple of places asked if they were hiring and if the manager was available. He would often give the manager a basic rundown of his experience and end up with an interview either the next day or later in the week. He would nail the interview and come home with a job.

Tip #5: Prepare for every interview

This is something my husband doesn’t do, but that is because he’s been on so many interviews and knows the restaurant business so well he doesn’t really need to. However, every now and again if he really likes the place he will research the menu before going in. To prepare for an interview it is good to research the business and understand what they are all about. If you are sort of lack luster with your interview skills it might be good to even practice with a friend or in the mirror on how you will answer some of the questions they will likely ask. I always bomb the question regarding my weaknesses, because I can never think of anything. I know I have them, but its not something I personally like to focus on. I acknowledge them and do my best to improve when they are brought to my attention, but for me my weaknesses are not really a focus.

Anyway I hope these tips were helpful to you. Please share your job hunting tips below. What are some unique things that worked for you when getting a job?

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