Work Naked Day

I could not resist. When I was doing research on fun holidays to write blog posts on I came across this hilarious little holiday. Today, February 1st, is Work Naked Day. So here is a list of jobs I recommend celebrating this beautiful holiday with, and a list of jobs I do not recommend celebrating this job.

So most might look at this holiday and be like maybe if I worked from home I could do this, but even some work from home jobs may not be appropriate for working while naked.

If you work as a blogger and are not planning to do a podcast or video today then sure you could totally work naked today. In fact, you may even find that it frees your mind up and opens you up to more creative free thought. If you work from home as a writer I recommend spending one hour just free writing while naked you may just find that million dollar idea. 😉

Do you sell things via amazon prime or ebay, maybe you have a shop on etsy? Well there’s no reason you can’t update your store while in the nude, is there? Who knows maybe you will be more willing to take a chance at raising your price as a means of bringing in more income.

Now if you are a telemarketer from home you might be able to get away with working naked if you don’t do any type of video calls. Now if you do, video calls it may be considered very unprofessional to answer a call in the nude. However, does it really matter what you where when you are talking to someone on the phone? No it really doesn’t, but you may find it unnerving to talk to someone while you know you are completely naked. It may also open you up to being more honest and finding new solutions to fixing peoples issues.

Now a few jobs you absolutely do not want to be Naked while doing.

Personal chef, it is not only non-hygienic, but dangerous. DO NOT WORK NAKED  AS A CHEF!

Salesman, this may sound like it is coming out of left field, but even if it were perfectly professional to show up to work naked, I do not think it would be wise to be a naked salesperson. Why you might ask? It would be too distracting, no matter what you look like your beautiful appearance would ultimately distract from the product you are selling making it counter productive to try and sell an item while naked.

Barista, coffee is hot! That is all I have to say about that one.

Weather person, you are just looking to become the butt of some joke. (This has been done before.)


Well tell me what you think in the comments, was my post entertaining and fun? What is a job you think would be interesting to do naked? What is a job you think should never be done naked? I’d love to read your responses just leave a comment below.


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