Monthly Round Up/Review

Last year I attempted to update once a week about how I was doing at reaching my New Years Resolutions. I made it about 3 months  before all that became too much. So this year I’m going to round off the end of each month with how my resolutions are coming along. In addition, I will review the months blog posts, which were my favorite, which got the most traffic, and what my income looks like. That is right my friends I’m going to be doing monthly income reports. Why now? Well I’m going into year three of this blogging thing and I’m determined to make it the year that I accomplish real profits. Down the line this post might become my monthly newsletter, but for now I will just make it a monthly post.

Posts by category:

Motherhood: 4

Education: 4

Employment: 3

Social: 2

News: 4

Hobbies: *New Category* 1

My favorite posts to write this month:

Hobbies: Creative Writing

Three Ways to Recover From the Holidays

10 Things To Do Before Graduation

Ditch New Years Resolutions

Starting an At Home Business

Posts that received the most traffic:

One of my older posts seems to consistently be at the top of the list for most views received. Expiration vs. Use By Dates received 32 views this month. It looks like I may need to update this post and perhaps even look into writing some more posts like it. Just behind this post were Three Ways to Recover from the Holidays , what’s new in the new year?, New Year Healthy Me, and Ditch New Years Resolutions.


New Years Resolutions:



Well I have been doing pretty good about eating healthier this year. Though I haven’t completely cut out soda I have been drinking less soda and exchanging it for tea and water. I hope to do better this next month. I’ve developed a good sleep routine for baby, but now I need to get myself on board with this. I was brought down at the end of this month with a horrible virus you may have noticed that I only posted two posts last week. I was very sick and not capable of doing much, however I will not let it bring me down I will achieve everything I aimed for this year. Now that I’m feeling better I am even more determined to get myself healthy this year.


We were doing  really good with  developing a budget for our family, however my getting sick did put a damper on our food budget. I’m the one who cooks everything since my husband works long hours and lets just say that was not happening with the way I was feeling. However, prior to me getting sick I learned a lot about food budgeting. Had I not gotten sick our food budget would have been cut in half this month from what we typically budget. Considering we always go over that budget that was pretty amazing. We still have plans for saving our tax returns for moving  and we also have plans for purchasing my blog rights. I did well at keeping consistent work hours this month. I look forward to doing an even better job next month.


I’m happy to say that I was able to devote time to my hobbies beyond just writing this month. I finished reading 1 book and started a another you can expect to see a blog regarding my reading list later this week. You can also expect two book reviews in February. I’m so excited about having this new blog section/category and I can’t wait to share more fun activities with you.

To summarize:

I managed to hit on two aspects of my health goal drinking less soda and more water, and planning healthy meals and snacks. I almost achieved my goal of 5 posts every week/write daily. I did write in my journal while I was sick, I suppose that counts. I haven’t quite taken the necessary steps needed to fix my credit, but I am setting it up so that it is possible. I’m definitely reading more after all I’ve already finished reading one book and started a second.

Writing Goals:

I have already touched a little on my writing goals, and I set some very specific goals this year. One of the goals for my blog was to have 10,000 followers by December. I’ve already seen an increase of 1-2 followers per week since the New Year began my hope is that number only increases once I buy the rights and get into a more regular patter of what each day of the weeks hosts.


I will be entering February with one new client which I find super exciting. I haven’t been able to do too much on this front as I’ve been focused on my blog and Kinnectpay this month. I am hoping once I own my blog rights I can put more emphasis on finding new clients.

Creative Writing:

I was offered the opportunity to work on an e-book so I’ve put my steampunk idea on the back burner. I do plan to write a couple of short stories to send out either to magazines or a competition, but for now my plate is a little full I will return to this idea in July after teh e-book project is complete.

To summarize:

Getting sick put a big damper on achieving my writing goals for this month, however I will not let it stop me from completing my writing goals for the year. I know I can do this and I look forward to achieving every single one.

calculator-428294_1920My Income Report: $105

Iwriter: $25.05

Total: $130.05

I did put any of the money back into the business this month as I needed it to help cover the extra expenses of me being sick. In the months where I do put some money into the business i.e when I purchase my blog or if I make any other purchase that is directly related to blogging or working from home I will include those expenses here. The above money does not include paypal fees or taxes.

Let me know what you think about my first Income Report and let me know what goals you achieved this month in the comments below?


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