Starting an At Home Business

So you want to start a business from home, well I will be the first person to tell you it isn’t easy. I’ve been bumbling along with this blog for two full years now (just started year three) and my first piece of advice to anyone is do not quit your day job right away. I quit my job for what I thought were medical reasons before starting this blog, of course I found out 1 week too late that nothing was medically wrong with me I was just pregnant. Opps!

I ended up blogging because I was too big for anyone to want to hire me, after all I had very few qualifications being fresh out of college and I was pregnant. Who wants to hire on that sort of a train wreck. Anyway, I started freelance writing and running this blog. I averaged about $300 per month making $700 during the month I was due and then even though by that point I had it all figured out. I knew exactly what was needed to really get my stuff up and running I was too overwhelmed with caring for a new infant. I just couldn’t quite put in the effort necessary to do it.

I went and got a real job eventually, but still maintained my side thing. The job just didn’t feel right for me, plus my husband got a promotion so I returned home. I started slowly playing more and more with my blog again. (Not that I had really given it up, I had continued to post updates, but it wasn’t quite the same as when I first started out.) However, it is a new year and I am ready to rock it. If you really want to start a business from home I recommend you keep your day job and research every aspect of the at home business you are wanting to start first. Give yourself about 6 months to fine-tune all the information and figure out what is going to be best for you. If you are thinking about doing something like freelance writing find yourself a few clients.

Get everything set up and ready including your website and social media accounts. Build your product line if you are considering doing something like selling on Amazon or Etsy. Also have at least three to six months worth of money to pay bills lined up. Once you have done these things you will be ready to quit your job and really give your at home business a good hard try. If you find yourself in a position like I was in, don’t be afraid to invest a hundred or so dollars to get yourself started. I wish I had done this, because if I had I could easily have brought in a few extra hundred dollars or even thousands of dollars extra every month just with affiliate marketing and ad revenue. As such I haven’t been able to bring in anywhere close to this kind of cash, because I don’t/didn’t own my domain. That all changes this year. This year my domain will be mine.

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