Hobbies: Creative Writing

Well, I told you this new section of my blog might be coming this year. Indeed, I have chosen to go through with it. I am a person who has many interests. Deep down I am an intellectual, creative, and spiritual minded person. I believe in finding balance in the chaos of life. I attempt to achieve balance in everything I do. It is important to have hobbies. We all need something that takes us away from the here and now of today. Reading and writing are long time hobbies of mine, which is why I felt it fitting for my first hobbies post to be centered upon writing.

Breastfeeding really got me into a bad habit of binge watching netflix shows. So much so that I’ve continued this habit despite having stopped breastfeeding five months ago. Recently I watched the entire 8 part series of the OA. It was fascinating. I loved the way you were unable to tell what was truth and what was fiction. (Of course the whole thing is fiction.) I loved that you couldn’t tell if she was making up the story of what happened to her and what she experienced.

The whole show got me thinking about how I can utilize my hobbies within my writing. The OA, held questions about psychology, spirituality, and it included dance as well as the already spoken of question is this fact or fiction. I wrote a short story for my creative writing class once, a story that I based off my own real life experiences. One of the criticisms I received was that it did not seem realistic. When I told the class it had really happened they then gave critique on the perspective. Suggesting I change it. When I did the story was accepted and perceived much better.

I have started writing creative fiction again, I’m trying to incorporate my interests beyond reading and writing into it. I have taken on many hobbies in the past, but non have withstood time as much or as well as writing. When I consider this and wonder about why that is, I only have one real response. Writing allows me to express myself with expression, because I can publish it or not publish it. If I do publish it they will click a button or not click a button. Who am I to care about whether someone choose to click a like button or not?

I hope you enjoyed this introduction to my hobbies section. Stay tuned for next weeks hobbies post where I reveal my reading list for the New Year.


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