Cut Your Energy Costs Day

It is January 10th and as apart of my new years resolutions goal to bring you 5 posts a week, I’m sharing with you one of the ambiguous holidays that take place during the course of the Year. Today as you might have guessed from the title is Cut Your Energy Costs Day. So in honor of this great day I am going to be giving you some unique tips for cutting your utility bills this year.

Tip #1:

If you don’t use it everyday, don’t leave it plugged in. (This one is pretty obvious unplug items that don’t need to be plugged in to run.) For example cell phone chargers, laptops, coffee maker, and can opener. There is no reason you should leave these items plugged in all day when they are not in use. My husband and I have our cellphones connected to an extension cord, so we can plug both into the same outlet. We just unplug the one thing in the morning and plug it back in at night before bed. Easy and simple.

Tip #2:

Walk when you can, this will not only save you gas money, but it will also help keep you healthy as you get a little extra work out in. For example, when I need a couple of items from the grocery store instead of driving their. I walk to the little Mexican market that is right near my house they have all the basic staples, plus some unique other items as well. If I need an item they don’t supply I either don’t get it, or I car pool with my neighbor. I’ve also walked to the Taco Cabana and CVS that are near my home.

Tip #3:

Put a brick in the back part of your toilet to help reduce your water usage. At my current apartment the water bill is broken up evenly between all the residents so it really doesn’t matter how much or how little we use in water. However, for those who live in houses or pay their water bill individually I have heard this can really help to reduce your water consumption.

Tip #4:

Once a week aim to have a no-energy day. Don’t turn on any lights in the house, don’t use any electronics, and walk or ride a bike everywhere. But Leeann what am I supposed to do without electricity? I’m not telling you to turn off the electricity. Obviously. You need to eat so eat some cold meals or no cook meals. Get outside and have fun away from the house for a change, perhaps do something outdoors. Don’t touch your cell phones, don’t do laundry, or run the dish washer. Just allow all of it to just sit. I bet you find yourself enjoying many of the activities you always claim you have no time for. The average person watches 35 hours of television a week, time that can be spent doing more productive activities. In addition, we spend an unprecedented amount of time on social media. Turn it all off for one day every week, and I bet you find yourself feeling a lot better by the end of the month. Do this for four weeks and let me know how you feel at the end of it. Plus with it currently being winter the days are shorter, so with less day light and the inability to turn the lights on you may just find you get to bed earlier or even on time.

Tip #5:

Get yourself some black out curtains, or solar screens or both. Ever since my apartment complex put these solar screens up on the windows our electricity bill has dropped significantly. When we first moved in we had a regular electric bill that range between 90 and a hundred dollars. There were a few months where we even paid 120. This is for a 2 bedroom apartment about 960 square feet. We turned lights off, we unplugged things, we didn’t really use the a/c. However, our bill was somehow three times what it had been when we were living in a 1 bedroom apartment that was about 800 square feet. We figured it had to be the area, after all we were located in a different city. However, since the solar screens went up on all the windows our electric bill is down to where it was when we had the 1 bedroom. It is amazing. Black out curtains will essentially do the same thing as a solar screen.

What are your favorite energy saving tips? Share in the comments below.


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