What’s New in the New Year?

You may have noticed I have been talking quite a bit about this new social networking site I really think a lot of what they are doing is awesome. After all how much time do we spend on social media. The thing is it is not going away. Social media is here to stay, so why not use it to your advantage to make an easy dollar. Kinnectpay is the social networking site that pays you to kinnect. This year they have made some big improvements. Including a new rewards system, new events, and new kinnections.

New Rewards:

You can now earn points towards cash just for logging into the site. That’s right you can make money just by logging in once a day. Are you like me and currently stuck using a free blog browser, because you can’t afford the $100 start up cost to make it yours? You can earn points for posting blog articles on the website. Talk about money in the pocket. In addition, points are also handed out to individuals for posting updates, and commenting on other peoples stuff. If you are already doing these things doesn’t it make sense to get paid for them? Plus when you sign up and get others to sign up with your referral code, you will make money off of bringing them on board as well.

Sound like its too good to be true, check out the site for yourself. Click here.

New Kinnections:

As of the New Year, Kinnectpay has now integrated their website with facebook, and Twitter. So when you create a post on it automatically will upload to your facebook and/or twitter pages. So basically you are getting paid to post on one site, but simultaneously you are updating two other social networking sites. That’s an amazing marketing tactic. If you haven’t already created a business marketing plan for the new year I would definitely recommend doing so and using this amazing website to your advantage.

Ready to join yet? Don’t forget to use my referral code lucky number 7. I mean it just 7 by itself.


Kinnectpay has so many events planned for the New Year, be sure to check them out in person if you can. You will get a chance to meet the team and even network with some pretty cool entrepreneurs.

Houston, TX- January 20th, Radio Milano, Networking Event

Columbus, TX- February 4th, Another Side of Color African American Art Exhibit

Austin, TX- June 10th, Palmer Event Center, Social Networking Conference

Stay tuned later this month I will provide more details regarding the upcoming events. In addition, I will be setting up a monthly post regarding Social Networking Events Across America. Basically a large list of upcoming events taking place all across the United States aimed at entrepreneurship and bringing people together as a means of connecting and networking.


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