Happy Trivia Day

As part of my goal to write five articles per week I’ve decided to bring notice to some of the many fun and lesser known holidays that take place during the year. Just about every day of the year celebrates one thing or another. Today January 4th for instance celebrates Trivia Day.

Personally I’m a big fan of Trivia Games. I always enjoyed playing Jeopardy in school as a study format for tests. So in celebration of Trivia Day I’m giving you a how to create your own Jeopardy Game for every occasion.

Study Party:

Break your material down into 5 subjects/topics

Develop anywhere from 5-10 questions and answers for each topic

Give each question a point variation between 100 and 1000

You can use either a white board, cork board, or presentation board easily purchased at your local dollar store or walmart. Write the questions on flash cards. Put the points on the back facing the audience. The person who makes the questions plays host and reads the questions to the players the answer is written on the same side as the question.


Depending on whether the bride to be is comfortable with a sex themed game or would rather keep the party clean you can change up the topics.

For a clean party create questions based on topics like celebrity couples, wedding movies, and old wives tales.

Other situations in which Jeopardy can be used as a means of entertainment are Valentines day parties, Christmas parties, and Halloween parties.


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