Three Ways to Recover From the Holidays

Finally, the Holidays are over it is the beginning of a new year. As a mom you likely just spent the last few months cleaning, shopping, cooking, more cleaning, and chasing of little ones all over the house. As a welcome to the New Year I provide you a list of three ways to relax and recover the Holidays.


Holidays are often filled with heavy carbs and sugar intake. Help your body recover from all the stress of the holidays. My favorite detox is water flavored with lemon, mint, and cucumber.

Another thing I like to do is add powdered ginger to my soups. This helps with arthritis and inflammation. Hot lemon water with ginger and honey is also great for healing a sore throat.

Finally take a 20 minute bath in a tub mixed with lavender oil, Epsom salt, and baking soda. This will help clear your body of any toxins that are sitting in your pores. It will also relax your aching muscles and help you sleep.

plank-1327256_1280Do Something you Enjoy/Love:

Whether it is getting a pedicure or a massage, maybe you enjoy yoga or kick boxing. Choose something that you really like to do, but haven’t done in awhile. Basically take at least one or two hours to yourself this week to do something just for you. If you can, do that everyday this week, because it will really help you to start off the new year fresh.

target-1747236_1920Set Goals:

If you haven’t made your new years resolutions yet, it isn’t too late. If you have then get started working towards them. New goals are great for rejuvenating and getting yourself going again. The holidays may have derailed your diet or maybe you spent a little too much money on those Christmas presents. When you set goals it is important to also create a plan of action for reaching each of those goals. Consider all aspects of your life to determine where you can improve.

Wishing you a happy New Year. Share in the comments ways you relax once the holidays are all said and done.


3 thoughts on “Three Ways to Recover From the Holidays

    1. Good for you. I’m still trying to get into my new routine, but part of it involves two 10 minute sessions of yoga each day. Hopefully I can swing in at least one of those ten minute sessions today.

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