Kinnectpay’s New Years’ Resolutions

All week I have been talking about my New Years’ Resolutions and if you hadn’t noticed for the past couple of months I’ve been bringing you a post once a week sponsored by this great company. You will be seeing many more of these in the Year to come. They are my biggest financial backers here at Questions of an Aging Millennial and the work they are doing is even cooler. If you haven’t joined up already you should definitely consider doing so in the New Year. Next week I will be bringing you a post with all the amazing things they are bringing to the site in the New year so please stay tuned.

I asked my fellow team mates at Kinnectpay what their new years resolutions were and this is what they had to say.

Joel Usher is the CEO and founder of Kinnectpay a true entrepreneur and devout family man Joel had this to say both to the members of the Kinnectpay team, and my readers here.

“I have many goals and lots of optimism for the upcoming New Year. With so much responsibility sometimes it feels as though you’re stretched too thin, like not enough butter on toast.

Therefore, my personal resolution is to make sure to live a more balanced life by focusing on quality of time in my spirit, with my family, and myself physically. You can never devote an equal amount of time to each endeavor but you can maximize the quality of the amount of time while in each endeavor.
My business resolution is simple, to increase revenues while helping others make money. I believe we have a solid system in place to began increasing our revenues through growth while helping others make money.
I declare many blessings over those reading this in 2017 and increase in all aspects of your lives. God bless.”

C.J. Baker is the co-founder and CIO of Kinnectpay. This year he is personally focused on his health. When asked how he plans to work on that he stated the following “For 2017 I want to start running again, and lose 15 pounds and maintain a more fit lifestyle.”

Darren Jones is the Campaign Marketing Manager and in 2017 he is all about improving his personal finances. He has a few goals aimed at reaching for this very common New Years Resolution.

He plans to create a Seven Year Financial Plan (Got to love that lucky number seven!)

Save money 3 Ways

Cook dinner + lunch (no fast food for lunch)

Less habitual spending (1 per month) <<< I like this one

Can’t eat out more than 5 times a month

Jasmine Atkins is one of our event specialists. She is responsible for setting up out Creative Events. You will be seeing more posts regarding these in 2017. Her New Years’ Resolution for this year “is to complete 4 goals each month and to actively get involved with my community. I want to fully embody being the change that I seek.”

Just in case you hadn’t caught one of my many New Year Healthy Me Posts this week as the Senior Communication Liaison at Kinnectpay it is my goal to maintain the writing schedule I have set up for my self in the New Year.

Well that is everyone who sent me their New Years’ Resolutions this year. At Kinnectpay we encourage you to create your New Years’ Resolutions and hope you share either at the bottom in the comments or at the website when you join. Wishing everyone a happy and safe New Year. See you in 2017.



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