My Writing Goals This Year

Yep, I’m back again with another goals post. If you hadn’t gotten the message already the week before the new year I am all about setting goals for the new year. Today’s post it is all about my writing plans.

My blog:

This year I plan to really grow my blog. I will do this by writing at least 5 articles per week Sunday-Saturday. I’ve even got a plan for the types of posts I will do. January is planned from beginning to end. I’m hoping to even have the posts written before January gets here. I started working on my new years posts at the beginning of this month. I even pre-wrote a lot of this months posts. If I can get ahead of the curve I figure I will be more likely to reach my goals no matter what sort of curve balls this next year throws my way.

I have already discussed this in previous posts, but I will also be purchasing the rights to my blog site in the new year. By February 2017 I’m hoping to be able to show a profit income for my blog. My blog currently has just under 100 followers by this time next year it is my goal to have 100 times that number. If I can grow my blog to 10,000 followers within a year I will know that I have found my true calling.

My clients:

Currently I only have one consistent client that I work for. Kinnectpay and I have a great relationship and I’m proud of the money that I make working for them. However, if I want to consider myself a real freelancer I need to make more than just $100 per month. This next year I plan to increase my clientele and to do that I will be re-setting my Fiverr account and giving myself dedicated hours to work exclusively for my Fiverr clients. I wll also be updating the Kinnectpay facebook page three months in advance in order to save myself time every month where I could be focused on other writing tasks.

In addition, to getting setup with Fiverr, I will also be creating posts for Constant Content and locating clients via Craigslist. Constant Content is a website where you can posts articles for sale. I have a list of article ideas that I currently have no clients for, but I’m positive that I could find some good buyers for them via constant content. So my plan is to go down the list and begin posting the articles their for purchase. I figure if I spend one or two hours a week or even a month writing articles specifically for constant content, by the end of the year I should have somewhere between 12 and 52 articles and with that much variety even if they don’t get purchased this year, they may get purchased at a later date down the road.

Creative Writing:

I miss writing creative pieces as a way of getting back into that I am making it a goal this year to apply to at least two short story competitions. Which ones I’m not sure yet, but there are plenty to choose from. I think its a fun way to practice writing and if you win its an extra bonus. In addition, to applying for short story competitions I’m applying for the Nine Dots writing competition. Applications are due January 31st. It requires an essay and an outline for a book. I read about the competition in November and I already had a story idea that fit perfectly within the scope of the competition. As a result I’m applying. All of January is going to be dedicated to my completing the essay and book outline. I will find out if I won in May 2017 and if I do then I will have till the end of the year to complete the book. Whether or not I win I plan to continue working on the book all year long and I will eventually send it off for publication through a different source.

Writing has been my life long dream. It is always what I wanted to do. I feel myself getting better everyday. I’m hoping that by writing everyday this year I see an even bigger improvement.


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