New Year Healthy Me

I spoke a lot of balance in last years New Years Resolutions posts. For me it is important to maintain balance in all aspects of life. This year I’m focusing my energies on health and finance specifically. My plan is to put all of my energy to improving my health and my families financial situation.


We are aiming for baby number two so beginning January 1st I’m going to start doing everything I need to do to get myself baby ready. That means less caffeine, more exercise, and even healthier eating habits. Also getting on a sleep schedule might help as well. I’m going to need a lot more energy if I’m going to be chasing two little ones around. That means I better start getting myself fit enough to chase them.


I have quiet a number of financial goals this year. We are looking to move closer to family this year so all of our tax returns will be placed in savings for that. We are also going to work on our credit. I’m going to do everything I can to start throwing money at my credit card debt. We are also going to get a credit card for my husband to help build his credit. We will be using credit sesame to help keep track of our credit reports on a regular basis.

I’m going to continue growing my writing business and blog. I will do so by purchasing my blog  rights and posting new articles five times a week. I’m also going to create a video for my Fiverr account and reactivate it so I can increase my clientele. I have a lot of writing goals for this year to hear  more about those goals stay tuned for my Writing Goals Post.


Though my main focus this year will be on Health and Finance I like to maintain a sense of balance and that means I like to have goals for other aspects of my life. This year I’d like to work on my hobbies. I’m not just a writer, I also enjoy reading, dancing, painting, and making jewelry. I’m planning a reading list and working out some time to spend making jewelry and painting. I can likely include dance as part of my work out routine.

To sum it up I have Four  specific resolutions.

#1 Be Healthy

Drink more water/less soda. Do yoga in my living room. Take the baby on a walk 3-4 times a week. Meal plan healthy meals and snacks.

#2 Write Daily

Write/post 5 blog posts per week. Post Kinnectpay posts 2-3 months in advance on facebook. Write my Steampunk Book.

#3 Fix Credit

$60 per week can pay off my credit card bill by this time next year. Probably even sooner.

#4 Read More

I’m going to create a reading list for myself to complete this year. I’m thinking of making this a yearly thing, after all I have so many books and since leaving college I have barely touched any of them. In fact since I found out I was pregnant with my son Wesley I haven’t touched a single one accept the parenting books I bought after. By reading more I can inspire more story ideas and it would provide an extra topic to blog about. I will develop a Hobbies section where I place my book reviews of “fun” books I’ve read. I will also place my jewelry making, craft creations, and even my paintings/artwork.


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