New Year New Me: 2016 in Review

I re-evaluated my New Years Resolutions mid-year, but after re-reading my post I feel I might have been too hasty in my evaluation. Daniel and I were too far from everything to see what our future really held. So much has happened this year so many changes, so many different windows opened and shut. My New Years Resolutions for this year were to better my health with a workout plan, grow my writing business, better my finances, and build friendships.

Over all my new years resolution was to pull myself up and out of post-pardum depression to find myself again. Even though I didn’t fully meet any of my resolutions I did manage to touch base on each of them.


I never created a workout plan, but I did get into Pokemon Go and find a great way to get myself outdoors. I kind of stepped  away from that in recent months, but I’m planning to get back to it in the New Year. I did manage to improve my eating habits by cooking a lot more. I cooked so much this year that my husband (a chef) began boasting about my cooking to his friends and co-workers. I even bought a white board meal planner for the kitchen.


My writing business hasn’t really grown, but I did recently acquire a promotion from one of my clients. Here in the next couple of months I will be able to sell ad-space and add widgets to my blog. I’m also working on a book proposal for a competition. I successfully increased the variety of topics my blog covers this year. I’ve written more about college and employment this year and I’m planning to write much more on the topics in the New Year.


We did a lot of two steps forward one step back in terms of finances this year, but none the less we did make improvements. Come January we will have paid off nearly $1000 in dept we did that 3 times this year. If we can pay off the same dept 3 times in one year we can most certainly pay off my credit card in the new year. I found a wonderful site for monitoring your credit and locating ways to improve it. Credit Sesame not only allows you to check your credit score it rates it with an A-F letter score and gives you legitimate options for improvement. I’m planning to use this tool to assist my husband and I with fixing our credit enough to finance a vehicle or purchase a house. There’s so much we can’t do thanks to poor credit.


Finally, I feel I succeeded the most with my goal to build and grow new friendships. I got rid of some not so good friends, but I also built some strong friendships as well. I feel I could have still done better at creating new friendships that all comes with time and so much of my time has been spent elsewhere this year.

Stay tuned for my 2017 New Years Resolutions Post.


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