4 Ways to Give and Get Back this Holiday Season

The Holiday Season can be tough on your wallet. Its a time for giving and expecting nothing in return. However, it can be hard to spend so much money knowing that you will never get anything from it. Okay you get the happy feeling that you did something nice for someone else, but sometimes it would be nice to get something more substantial for the money you spent.

Today I have a list of ways you can give a gift and get something guaranteed in return.

#1 Gift Cards

Many companies will give you something back when you purchase a gift card during the holiday season. Restaurants will often give you a second gift card equal to 10 or 20 dollars when you purchase a gift card of $50 or more from their establishment. This year Papa John’s is giving out a free large pizza when you purchase a $25 gift card. So while your doing all that last minute Christmas shopping this week think about whether anyone on your list would be served well with a gift card. Then make sure you choose a place that rewards you.

#2 Make a donation

It’s your last chance to accumulate some tax write offs. Have extra stuff laying around the house? Donate it to goodwill or the salvation army.Keep track of what you donated so you can itemize it out and get the most out of your tax write offs. Cash donations are also available as a write off. Do you have a favorite charity you give to every year? Be sure to report how much you gave come tax time. It will either lower what you owe in taxes or add a few dollars to that check you receive in the spring.

#3 Use an App

Are you the sort of person who likes to give food and sweets away as gifts? Use the ibotta app or checkout 51. These apps offer cash back options on certain products. Check it out to see what you can get cash back on this week. Whether you shop at H.E.B, Walmart, Kroger, Aldis, or Costco there are offers available for you. They even have cash back opportunities for places like eBay, group-on, Gamestop, Famous Footwear, World Market, and so much much more. If you get your friends to join you can even works towards badges together and receive an extra bit of cash. You can also make extra cash by redeeming multiple rebates within a month. Money back on items you were planning to buy anyway what’s not to love. You can then cash out your earnings to PayPal, Vemo, or a gift card. Minimum cash out is $20.

#4 Shop Online

There are websites that will pay you to shop online. Ebates is the most popular. Some pay out in cash other give you points that transfer into dollars you can have placed on a gift card. Swagbucks goes by the point system. The best part is you can even get money just for signing up, and if your friends join with your referral you can get even more. It is a little late to order gifts online and have them arrive in time for Christmas, but if you don’t need it by Christmas Day it may be a good idea to purchase those gifts online via one of the above mentioned websites.

Bonus Tip:

I know I said I had four ways to give and get back during the holiday season, but being as it is Christmas and all I thought I would share a bonus tip with you. If you give out gifts to clients during the holidays you can use these as tax write offs as well. Also by sending a gift to your clients it keeps them thinking about you come the New Year, and can help you earn more business in the New Year.


This article was sponsored by Kinnectpay.com and contains affiliate links. There is no added cost to you by clicking the link and ultimately by doing so you are just helping to support the continued content of the site. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, or if you have a comment to add to the content discussed above please feel free to do so below. Thank you for reading. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.


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