K-Pay Digital Marketing

Kinnectpay is more than just a social networking site. They also offer assistance to small businesses to help them market, advertise,and expand their reach. Joel the CEO and creator of Kinnectpay see’s kinnectpay as a place for individuals to create and grow businesses together.

The marketing department within kinnectpay offers multiple affordable packages for small businesses. As the senior communications liaison for Kinnectpay I’m responsible for writing articles and performing interviews on the companies that join Kinnectpay. The marketing team is made up of 4 different parts.

Kinnectpay Online Magazine and Blog:

The blog has been up and running from the start, but in March 2017 Kinnectpay will also be launching an online business magazine. The magazine will be an added bonus for businesses to get their name out their. The magazine will contain interviews with business owners and advertisements for businesses that have joined the kinnectpay team.

Social Media:

The Kinnectpay team has people dedicated to posting via facebook, twitter, and instagram for all companies that join the kinnectpay team. Posts via social networking sites outside of the Kinnectpay site are posted 3 times a day 5 days a week. In addition, by signing up for any of the packages your company will receive one, two, or three month access to the kinnectpay website for free.

Kinnectpay.com is a social networking site that pays its members. By joining the site you receive a special code and when you get others to join you receive $1 for every month they are apart of the site. For more information on how the site works see my article here.

Radio Advertisement:

We have our own online radio station. I don’t know any social networking site that has a radio station dedicated to it. Jaclyn Zuckerman is the host and she frequently interviews small business owners, entrepreneurs, and creatives like Executive Producer of Saved by the Bell Peter Engel.

Website Development/ Content Creation:

Kinnectpay has people that can build your website and create content for it. Yours truly included, as the Senior Communications Liaison it is my responsibility to write and edit the majority of the written content for Kinnectpay. From start to finish or middle to finish. No matter what state your business is in Kinnectpay can help you in marketing and building a network. Whether you come to us with no followers or a million we will find a way to help your business continue to grow. There is no task too big or small. Kinnectpay has a dedicated and driven team.

Creative Events:

Finally, Kinnectpay hosts conferences almost every month. You can attend or even be a sponsor of one of these events. The events usually host a business speaker, and provide the opportunity to network with other business owners and entrepreneurs. Tickets even include a free beverage or two. For an example of what one of these events might look like check out my article regarding November 2016’s event here.

This article was sponsored by Kinnectpay.com.



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