Five Things to Do For Your Business Before the New Year

The holiday season is a time to celebrate with friends and family. It is also a time for preparing for the new year. That means looking back at what worked and what didn’t.

board-1097118_1920Examine what went right this year.

I always like to look at the bright side of things. I think it is important to look at the positives that took place this year. What were the positives that took place with your business. Did you have a really good month? Did you land a big client? Did you successfully launch a new product? How did you manage to acquire that success. My big success this year was in increasing the variation in the topics that I covered on my blog. I managed to do this by creating a large list of different ideas centered around each topic. I continued to do this throughout the year, writing down every idea that came into mind. I found it was easier to log into my blog site and create a draft for each new idea that I came up with. It made it a lot easier to plan and get writing.

peas-580333_1920Examine where you could have improved this year. How will you change this in 2017.

I feel I could have done better not only with promoting my site, but also with finding more clients to write for. It is good to examine the places where your business was lacking. Did you have a product that didn’t sell so well. Did you loose clients? Did you have a month that did not do so well? Maybe you had a very steady year with no real catastrophes or issues. What could you have done to make it a better year? In the new year I plan on improving my site promotion, by updating my facebook page daily. I update the Kinnectpay facebook 12 times a day five days a week. My plan is to do something similar  only I’m thinking of updating my site four or five times a day at first five days a week. Over time I might consider updating it more often.

I’m going to look for more writing clients by re-launching my fiverr account and creating a video to use as advertisement on the site. I’m planning to set at least two days a  week focused on completing work for fiverr. In addition to locating work via Fiverr I will also search for work via craigslist once a week and keep an eye out for any interesting writing competitions.

calculator-428294_1920Develop an expense sheet.

Every company should have an expense sheet. What  will you need to purchase for the company. What overhead will you have to pay this year? My overhead is simple in the past its been practically nothing a notebook here, an e-book purchase there. All in all my costs have been minimal at best. This year however, I’m purchasing the rights to my blog it will cost me about $100. I have a few other purchases planned as well including business cards, and a file of motivational memes I can use to help increase traffic flow to my facebook page. I use Googles spread sheets to keep track of my monthly income from Kinnectpay and other sources.

target-1747236_1920Develop a plan of action.

Plan your year in advance. What does your week to week or month to month look like in the New Year. As a blogger my plan of action for this year is to  write more often, update my social networking sites, and to reopen my fiverr account. As a small business owner you might have plans to expand or maybe you want to test out  a new marketing tool. Whatever goals you have set for the new year come up with ways of reaching those goals. Create small goals that build you up to your bigger goals.

suit-453476_1280Develop a marketing Strategy.

There are so many ways to market your business. Know your clientele  and you will have the best way by which to market your business. Some businesses will do better being marketed via social media, others stand a better chance via multi-media (i.e videos and images). There is a social networking site for just about every type of business from a housekeeping to app development there is something out their for everyone. No matter what type of business you own. If you are looking for a social networking site where you can work together with other small business owners while also gaining a base for clientele I definitely recommend using Kinnectpay the only social networking site that pays you to “kinnect.”

This article was sponsored by What types of things do you do to prepare your business for the new year? Let me know in the comments below.


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