Christmas Tree Safety

There are multiple ways to have a safe Christmas tree. Some people create a two  dimensional one on the wall that children are able to move the ornaments around on.



Check out this cool sample from Cheryl Spagenberg’s blog “that’s what she said.”



Others put a small one on an out of the way table. There are a number of options on amazon. Some come decorated, others without decoration allowing you to personalize it to your personal style. The best part about this option is when your kids are old enough to trust around a large Christmas tree you can use this little one for the kids bedroom or playroom.


There are of course individuals like myself who keep with the big tree tradition. A few options for keeping your baby safe around the traditional Christmas tree.

#1: A fake tree is safer, as needles won’t be all over the house for the baby to find and attempt to eat.

#2 Keep all breakable/glass ornaments off the bottom of the tree (better yet invest in some shatter proof ornaments).

#3 Make sure all wires are protected and safely put away where baby can’t grab them.

#4 Never leave baby alone in the room with the tree. If you must leave the room, make sure baby is in a play pen or other safe place that they can not escape from. (High chair, bouncer, or swing are all good examples of a safe place for baby. Properly strapped in of course.)

Wishing you a happy holiday season. Please let me know of any other holiday hazard concerns and how you protect your little one in the comments below.


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