3 Ways to Stay Motivated when Running a Small Business

Running a small business can be stressful and begrudging at times. When you run a business it can be difficult to know where to start, or how to keep going. Staying motivated in the early days of business set up is key to making your dreams come true.

3 Ways to Stay Motivated when Running a Small Business

Remember Your Purpose

Why did you start your business? Was it to get out of debt, to solve a problem, to help someone in need? People start small businesses for many reasons. I started my writing business to help with bills. Joel Usher started kinnectpay because he felt it was unfair that Facebook made all this profit off of everybody-else’s “Kinnections.” What ever your purpose for creating your business remember it, look back and make sure you are following the path you set and created for yourself. If for whatever reason you are not following that path, think about how you can get back to that path.

Create a mission statement, when you create a mission statement for your business it gives you something to look upon when you are needing to make big decisions. Whether you are just a little contract writer, a real estate agent, or a CEO to a website making a mission statement even if its only something you yourself will ever see can be a productive way of sticking to your main priority.

Get Organized

It’s amazing how much organizing your computer files or desk space can motivate you to do more work. When you declutter your work space you can find all the energy you needed to resolve the big issue that was buzzing around your head. Organizing the physical often times allows you to organize the incomprehensible musings running around in your head.

Another great way to help motivate yourself is to design a schedule centered around the times of day when you are at your best. For instance if you are most creative in the later part of the day and you are a blogger than that should be the time where you do your brainstorming and or writing. If you have a lot of energy in the mornings and a need to get things done, that is when you should do the tasks you hate the most, because you have more energy to do them. If you wait to do the things you hate during the part of the day when you have absolutely no energy you are less likely to complete those tasks. For example if you hate writing emails, but it is an essential part of your business then you should do it when you have the most energy to get things done, that way you are more likely to complete the task and then move on to something you enjoy like creating the bits and bobs that you sell on your etsy account.

Make a Plan

Sometimes we have so many ideas and so many things we have to do in a given day it just seems better to hit the ground running and not stop until we hit a brick wall or our pillow at 3am. However,when you stop and take the time to develop a step by step plan not only for your day, but for your entire business make up you will find that less things get stopped or missed.

Create a business plan. When you have a business plan that covers every aspect of your business including marketing, development, production, budget. There are so many aspects to every business from what platform you are going to sell on to when you will have the time to do everything you need to do. It can be difficult to stay motivated when every time you turn around their is something else you have to do or to fix. If you have a business plan you will have a better idea of what all needs to be done, not just every day, but every month and every year.

Staying motivated while running a small business can be hard. It is important to maintain motivation by establishing a foundation and if you already have your business off the ground, but never did one of the above steps understand that it is not too late to go back and do them now even after your business has already been shot off the ground. In fact, it is important for every business to review the above three items at least twice a year no matter how successful the business is. Keep yourself motivated create a mission statement, review the statement and consider how every choice you make for your business fits within that statement. Create a schedule, don’t just skate through the day getting only what is thrown into your lap done, get the important stuff done even without it falling into your lap. Make a business plan when you have a plan its a lot easier to know what it is you need to be doing with your time and creating a daily schedule is a lot easier as well if you know what is priority.

How do you stay motivated as a small business owner? Tell me in the comments below.

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