The Harry Potter Generation

Every generation has its fandom, for the baby boomers it was Star Trek, Generation Xer’s had Star Wars, Millennials we have Harry Potter. Each generation fell in love with its own story. It is not to say that all of these stories are representative of each generation alone. What makes these stories so incredibly amazing is that they crossed multiple generations. Whole households fell in love with the amazement of these stories.

The movies were equally as packed as the book stores the first Harry Potter movie was released in theaters November 2001. My parents took me to the premiere as a birthday present from then on it became a ritual. My sisters and I attended every midnight release of the Harry Potter movies. For books Five, Six, and Seven we also attended the midnight release of the books.

The Harry Potter franchiseĀ  has grown into an empire with a website dedicated to the world. J.K Rowling is still releasing background information and stories related to the Wizarding World she’s created via the site. There are theme parks, board games and video games.

Harry Potter The Philosophers Stone (Sorcerers Stone) was first published in June 1997. The books appeared to be an overnight success with readers of all ages opening their pages.

The final book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows was published in 2007. Teens, and young adults alike lined up outside of book stores the night before the release dressed up like their favorite characters.

It was because of J.K Rowling that I finally learned to read on grade level. I was a stubborn little kid who believed I could memorize everything, I heard all of these great things about the books and I begged my mom to let me read them. She said she had to read them first, she was concerned because the news made it sound like the books were demonic. I was tired of waiting, I checked out the first book from my schools library and took it home to my mom. She read the back and gave it to me said “Yeah its fine.” It took me a year to finish reading it, the second one took almost two years, the third six months. Once the fourth one came around my reading speed had increased and I finished the fourth book in a month.

I’m not the only life who’s world was changed by the Harry Potter books, and I will definitely be reading the books to my baby as he gets older. This month a new movie is being released related to the wizarding world of Harry Potter Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The movie is not apart of the original Harry Potter series. I look forward to watching it at midnight November the 18th. Stay tuned for my review.


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