Good Times and Bad

Every family experiences tragedy some are more tragic than others. Recently my family experienced what for us is a pretty tragic event. Considering everything else we have been through in the past year this was the last thing we needed. My husband recently totaled our car. He was sent home from work early because he was sick and running a fever. Some one was tailgating him despite him going the speed limit. They then pulled up in front of him and cut him off slamming on their breaks. He swerved to avoid hitting them and rolled the car.

He swallowed a lot of glass the car was destroyed. He was lucky not to have any broken bones or major internal injuries. He was running a 102 degree fever when he arrived at the hospital. The infection was spread to other parts of his body thanks to the glass cutting up his insides. He missed a week and half of work and the insurance claims they can not cover the replacement of the vehicle or the rental of a vehicle because they do not have  a second vehicle to go off of.

We cannot afford a replacement vehicle. We were lucky and my husbands father had a vehicle to give us, but the vehicle is not safe for transporting our son, in addition I am not able to drive it as it is a stick shift and have poor reflexes. We created a go fund me account and are hoping the good of our friends will help us at achieving our goal of a new vehicle for myself and the baby. My husband has a means of getting to and from work, but we need a means of getting our son to Dr’s appointment and for me to get too and from my own errands.

We are asking anyone who can help to please do so even if its just $1. We are also asking those who can’t help to please share our plight with others.



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