New Years Resolutions: Re-evaluation

So we are half way through the year, and so many things have changed. Things I never expected or prepared for. I feel it is good to reassess the goals you have set out for yourself, especially when so much change has already taken place. At the beginning of this year I had prepared myself to increase my writing business and to begin looking for a job after the baby was a year old. However, as you know I ended up going to work a lot sooner than that. I’m really enjoying my new job and even though it isn’t something I would have ever dreamed about doing. It is easy enough and pays well enough that I find myself happy with it. I did not get the promotion I applied for, however I did learn a lot of valuable information by simply having gone through the process and tried. There is lots of room for growth in my position. I’m hoping that by the end of year I will be able to see some sort of promotion taking place.

The most difficult thing about looking for a job when you have a degree is the requirement of at least 2 years of work experience that is needed in addition to the degree. I’m finally in a place where I can gain that experience and if I am able to get a promotion during the process that looks all the better on me. As it is I have chosen to re-evaluate  my new years resolutions and do them over. I think it is important for everyone to stop about mid year and think back on their resolutions have you done anything to get closer to them? Did you give up too early? Or did something take place, which may make those original goals a little unrealistic. I feel it is important to be honest with ourselves about what it is we can do. No one knows you the way you know you. As it is I’ve developed some new goals for the following 6 months.


Begin saving up money for a daycare deposit. Daniel is planning to go back to work soon and as a result we might need to place the baby in daycare.

Start helping with the chores on a regular basis.

Create a writing schedule.


Redo presentation so that I’m prepared if another trainer position comes available at work.

Get healthy, reevaluate the things I am doing with my health and how I could do better. Health insurance kicks in mid July.


Daniel should be working at this point, lets make a get out of debt budget.


Fall Cleaning, lets get this apartment organized with everything having its own place.


Plan a vacation for the holidays, goodness knows we need it after the long year we have had.


Begin thinking about the year ahead, Daniel starts school in the Spring. Are we prepared what more needs to be done to make this a reality.

Daniel and I know what we want out of life, and that is to enjoy it. Eat good food, have some fun experiences, and be happy and in love. We want to build a happy loving family together one that doesn’t judge and put down its children for being unique individuals. We want to raise a family that loves each other despite the faults we might all have. We want to build a family that supports one another and does not expect anything in return we do things because we love each other. We give it back without the other asking us to. That is what we want, that is our goal. We hope that we can be successful at it, but you never know what the future holds. Even if our children end up hating us, we want to at least feel good and know that we tried. We are setting down the foundation and the building blocks that will allow us to give our children the best future we know how to give. We were not prepared for Wesley, but now that he is in our lives we would not change it for the world. I love him so much.


In a couple of weeks I will be posting my 12 month baby post the end of the first year. After that I will post 3 month updates on how he is developing over the course of his second year. I’m hoping you’ve enjoyed following me on this journey and I look forward to continuing well into the future. Who knows maybe one day I will be a stay at home mom who gets to make her money writing from her computer. For now however, I don’t mind being the working mom.





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