11 Month Baby Post

masks-833421_1280My Mental Health:

I’ve really settled into my new role as a working mom. I had an interview for a promotion this month and I’m happy to say it went pretty well. My husband has also been preparing to return to school in the fall. We’ve created a four year plan for our future. I’m going to work for this company for another two years, while he completes two years of community college. We are then going to move to Houston to be near family and for him to complete his last two years. We are thinking during that time is when we will have our next baby. When Daniel graduates and begins his new career at that point we will be able to afford to move into a house just in time for having two babies in the house. I’m still constantly filled with stressed, but it is no longer sitting on my shoulders frustrated me at every turn or cry of the baby. I feel as if I’m finally making it over the long hump that has been postpartum.

boy-967141_1920How Baby is Doing:

Wesley has two bottom teeth now and though he doesn’t walk yet, he is trying to stand on his own and can stand for a few seconds without holding onto anything. His verbal skills are improving daily and I couldn’t be a prouder or happier mom. This past month like every month has been filled with exciting and new experiences. The baby has really fallen in love with cheerios and the amount of solid foods he eats has gotten to be astronomical. In addition as of June 13th I am an auntie. My son will be exactly eleven months apart from his cousin. I’m so excited to meet the new little addition to the family this weekend.

baby-21167_1280Life as a Breastfeeding Mom:

My son is really eating up the solid food, and has stopped breastfeeding nearly as often. I’m no longer pumping at work, and in just one month the baby  will no longer need  breastmilk. I’m hoping to have him fully weened by 15 months, but from the looks of things he is doing a pretty good job of self weening on his own.

circle-304524_1280Tips and Tricks:

Always pack a change of clothes for yourself when you are out and about. A mommy friend of mine recommended this to me, because you never know when your child might decide to throw up on your head.



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