Week 16, 17, and 18 Resolutions Post

The past three weeks have been fast-paced and busy with beginning the new job.  As a result I’m very behind on my posts. March was all about building a budget, and my husband and I were able to sit down after my second paycheck and make a true plan for our future. April was all about socializing and building friendships. I definitely made a couple of co-worker friends, and I strengthened some of my old friendships. January-April of this year were all dedicated to a different aspect of the person I want to be. Health, business, financial, and social as we move on to the month of May I plan to rededicate my attention towards health especially when I think about how I have yet to really meet my January goal.

May is therefore rededicated to health. My husband has discussed the possibility of teaching me martial arts and I just might take him up on it. I’m thinking I will also go ahead and buy myself a new pair of running shoes using some extra amazon bucks I earned through swagbucks.

I know it has been three weeks and this is a short post,but life is and has been so busy of late that I don’t have the time for much more.


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