9 Month Baby Post

masks-833421_1280My Mental Health:

I have been up and down this past month, with my husband and I choosing to switch places. I go to work and he stays home with the baby. I spent the past month stressing about getting a job, and then starting a job. However, the last two days of the month where I actually started my job I’ve been much calmer. I’m nervous every time I leave the house, but by the time I arrive at work I’m ready to take on my day and relax. When I return home I’m excited to cuddle with my baby before bed. Leading up to my returning to the outside work force I was nervous to qualm my nerves I created a long to do list in order to keep me busy the weekend before I began my new job.

baby-923963_1920How Babies Doing:

This was a big month for baby,he started crawling on all fours. He also began “cruising.” Cruising is when they pull themselves up on furniture and walking along it. Baby is getting into everything we’ve had a time trying to baby proof  the place. He’s very interested in wires, books, and the T.V. So far there have been no major incidents. However, he has fallen backwards a few times while cruising. He can more himself into a sitting position on his own and he’s been trying to stand unassisted.

baby-21167_1280Life as a Breastfeeding Mom:

With my impending return to work I had to start pumping and creating a stock pile. Since I’ve owned it my pump has been uncomfortable  to use. The issue being my parts  were too small. I went to my local WIC office to discuss the issue and received the appropriate size for my oversized chest. It was suggested that I feed the baby from only one side and pump from the other, until I started work. It was also suggested I try and pump 5-10 oz everyday while  at work. Though I’ve only been working a few days I’ve managed to pump once or twice per shift. I’m lucky to work at a company that is so accepting they have a room designated specifically for the purpose of pumping.

circle-304524_1280Tips and Tricks:

Tip 1: Baby proof as a baby shows interest in things. My son became interested in the DVDs and CD’s we keep in our entertainment system as a result we took cardboard boxes and duck-taped the front.

Tip 2: A play pen and High Chair are essential when you need time to yourself or to get things done.


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