Month Eight of Year One

masks-833421_1280My Mental Health:

I have become one positive mama. I’m taking care of myself and baby, at this point I feel like a well oiled machine who knows what to expect and how to handle the often unexpected that comes with being a mom.

baby-428395_1280How baby is doing?

He’s started attempting to pull himself up on furniture, however has been unsuccessful up to this point. He can’t seem to figure out how to get his feet underneath himself in order to push up. However he has the torso part down. He doesn’t necessarily crawl, but his army crawl has gotten to the point that he can get himself to A-B pretty quickly. We took him to the park for the first time this month and he really enjoyed the swing. He did have to get used to it a little bit, there were a couple of times that he made an almost scared face when going forward in the swing.

baby-21167_1280Life as a breastfeeding mama:

Baby has gotten really big in terms of length and weight. He no longer easily fits in my lap with the Boppy Pillow. He also has decided that playing with my boobs is a fun thing to do. I will simply say that his sharp nails hurt, and I am looking forward to weaning him in four months.

circle-304524_1280Biggest Lifesavers I have learned this month:

Tip 1: We finally went out and purchased a Diaper Genie as the babies poop has gotten to the point of true stink. Unfortunately the bags for the Diaper Genie are ridiculously expensive. I have instead been using cheap trash bags, that I tuck into the currently empty bag dispenser.

Tip 2: Around 6 months babies stop/slow their growth rate or at least mine has. I had bought a bunch of winter clothes for the baby, at this point it is getting very warm, and the majority of the clothes I bought are to warm for him to wear. As a result I will have to go out and purchase some summer clothes for him. My tip to you think ahead about where you are located. I live in Texas we have a very short winter. I should have known that I needed at least some summer items.


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