New Year New Me Week 10 and 11

This month is all about getting the budget together. My husband and I discussed it and it makes more sense for me to go out and get a job than to continue staying home. My husband and I have ultimately decided to switch places. I’m going to get a job that pays the money we need to not only pay our bills, but move us forward in our lives towards all the goals we have made for ourselves.

Our monthly bills for everything rent, food, gas, etc. all amount to $1800, which ultimately is not that bad considering. We’ve cut back our expenses tremendously since the baby was born. There is nothing left to cut, therefore we must increase our income. My husband makes enough for us to pay bills and cover the monthly extras that we enjoy (and also keep us sane, which is why they have not been cut), but nothing else. We want to start paying off our debts and saving money  towards our move and a second vehicle.

If I go to work I can easily make anywhere from $2500 to $3000 after taxes. Which is anywhere from $500-$1,000 more than my husband has made in the last year. My degree puts me in a higher pay grade and allows me to work less hours than my husband often does.


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