New Year New Me Week 9

March is already here time certainly does fly. During the month of March, I have made my goal to get my family on budget. This week my husband discussed a couple of things we could cut down on he’s promising to begin the arduous task of quitting smoking, while I am going to seriously cut back on my soda intake. In addition, we have agreed to begin meal planning hard core in order to avoid eating out. (Surprisingly we do this more often than we really should.) As he started a new job where he is now a Sue-Chef and has the possibility of being trained to take over for the Executive chef we decided to wait till his first paycheck (which he gets on Monday) to really start crunching numbers.

During the month of February it was my goal to focus on my business and build it up. I created a monthly posting schedule, basically what types of articles I plan to post throughout the month. So far I have been pretty successful at sticking to it, I had a couple of bumps towards the end of the month, however I am hoping that beginning this month it will go by much smoother. I’ve been continuously applying for different writing jobs in order to expand my work load. I also re-opened my Fiverr gigs in hopes of catching some quick turn around projects. I am hoping to create a social networking posting schedule this month.

January was the month that I worked on fixing my mental and physical health. I never managed to create a work out schedule, however I did get myself to a better mental state. As far as physical health I did work on it by being more active with the baby and being more conscious about my diet. (Meaning I do my best to remember to eat throughout the day.) Since then I have made it to my goal weight, I am planning to start doing something to tighten up the loose skin from pregnancy as well as rebuild the muscle mass I had previously lost from lack of activity during pregnancy.




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