Make the leap into Social Networking

Networking is an essential part of any business. Knowing how to properly market and network your business can make or brake you. Simultaneously social networking sites are utilizing your personal information to turn a profit. These sites rake in billions of dollars with your personal information. Shouldn’t part of that money be going to you? After all it is your information, shouldn’t you be able to profit off something you do every day? Well now you can. is the social networking site that pays you to kinnect. Kinnectpay hosts a blog page, radio station, and provides discounts with select sponsors.

For every person you get to sign up using your special referral link you will receive one dollar for every month they are on the site.If you bring on 100 people that means you will receive $100 every month. Your money will be deposited onto a visa debit card provided by This is a great opportunity for people of all walks of life. If your a parent you can use this extra income to help cover the cost of diapers, formula, baby food, or even toys. If you are a blogger like myself you can connect one on one with your followers in real life and expand your network of business contacts. College student use the extra cash to help cover the cost of books, start paying off your student loans early, or use the extra cash to fund your late night coffee or late night partying.

Our goal at Kinnectpay is to hand out 1 million dollars to people and charity by 2017.

If your interested you can check out the site using my referral code below:



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