New Year New Me Week 7 and 8

So last week was so crazy, that I didn’t have the time, much less the energy to write a post about how my yearly goals were going. So this week I’m packing a one two punch and rolling two weeks into one post.

So obviously I didn’t stick to my blogging schedule. However, it was all for the better, because I was supporting my good friend as she prepared to get married. In doing so I made some really good potential work connections as well. One of her friends has an online magazine, and I plan to get in contact to discuss a possible collaboration. I plan to write a post for his magazine in exchange for his advertising my blog on his website. I also met an individual who has his own marketing business. Hopefully, we stay connected and they remember me when they need some writing work done.

Beyond all of that I was very social and made some new friends. My goal for April if you remember from my New Years resolution post is to develop new friendships and to build upon old ones. I’m so happy to say I’ve started working on every goal early. My husband and I have even jump started our goal to budget, which is what I was planning to do in March.

Last week totally through this week of blog posts off, however I will be getting back on track, I plan to write the business post I promised you tonight and have it posted by Monday. My side jobs are pretty slow as of late, mainly because I haven’t had the time. However, I’m getting myself back on schedule, and since I don’t have any big events coming up I don’t plan on getting off schedule again. With a baby in the house you never know though.

As for my workout goals, well there still isn’t a workout schedule. My friend who just got married has promised to go with me if I decide to start walking the lake. Considering how warm it is getting I’m think I will take her up on that sometime in the next two weeks. I want to get the baby on a real schedule, before I start adding more things to my list. Despite my inability to get a work out schedule going, I’ve continued to loose weight simply by carrying my little man around. In fact last week, we had to leave the stroller at home in order to help with all the wedding stuffs taking things back and forth between locations. So my handsome man was carried everywhere by yours truly. My arms were soar starting Saturday and only stopped hurting on Wednesday. I’m pretty sure I’ve got some nice biceps as a result.


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