Month Seven of Year One

*The information provided in this article is meant for entertainment purposes only, please consult your doctor for all medical concerns and conditions.

masks-833421_1280My Mental Health:

I have been extremely positive this past month. I don’t want to say I am completely over my postpardum depression, but I have been very positive as of late and I plan to keep it that way. My motto for this year is “We’ve got this.” My husband is actually a little sick of my positivism, however when I explained to him how I needed to maintain a positive front in order to keep myself from falling into my spiral of anxiety ridden, self deprecating thought process that I had been living in for the last year or so he quickly changed his opinion about my happy go lucky attitude about how “this is going to be the best year ever.”

baby-428395_1280How baby is doing?

Well it has been seven months since baby was born, he is growing, learning, and developing quickly. He hasn’t started crawling yet, but he has definitely mastered scooting himself in a circle. He has a great personality and is loving solid foods. He is currently eating an average of 2 solid meals a day, we will likely be upping him to three solids a day in another week. He’s had a couple of colds this winter, but this month he had a real yuck called Roseola, he wouldn’t let me put him down for an entire week. He loves to laugh, and to stand assisted he will frequently lift his arms up and state “ma ma ma ma ma” until he is picked up and placed in a standing position. We are considering “mama” his first word at this point, as he seems to realize it means me, he also understands it to mean milk. We moved him into his own room about a week ago, and so far he is doing pretty well. He still ends up in bed with me between 5 and 7 in the morning, at which point I am so exhausted that I don’t have the energy to feed and rock him back to sleep. (My husband and I refuse to get up before 9am, since my husband works late, and I typically stay up late waiting for him whilst simultaneously getting my much needed work done). I’m so lucky to have him, now if I can get him to sleep until 9am that would be amazing.

baby-21167_1280Life as a breastfeeding mama:

I have become increasingly more comfortable with breastfeeding in public. I’m lucky to live in a city like Austin, TX which is so accepting of it. Very recently I was at a friends BBQ and there were tons of people men and women walking in and out. None of them have kids or really know anyone who has kids. They were 100% okay about me feeding the baby right there in the open. No one commented or said anything. In fact I was even told by a couple of them that they thought it was beautiful and amazing, and that they respected the fact that I was doing what was best for my baby. It was truly a proud mommy moment for me. My little man of son however, is growing way to fast, I had bought a boppy not long after he was born (Actually it was a gift from my Nana, which I picked out during her visit when my son was only a couple weeks old). At any rate he has grown so much he doesn’t fit on the boppy in my lap anymore, so I can’t use it for that and now just have to cradle him against my boob. The boppy still has its uses as an assist while he is sitting alone on the floor, while I’m on my laptop on the couch. My husband did recently purchase me an amazing glider, chair and footstool, from a cute thrift store, which has helped enormously in the feeding of my “over sized” 22 lb child.

circle-304524_1280Biggest lifesavers I have learned this month:

Tip#1: Always, always, always have an extra outfit or two packed in the baby bag. My baby was having some explosive poop thanks to the increase in  solid foods to his system, not to mention him being sick. I made the unfortunate mistake of not putting an extra outfit in the diaper bag, and as we were going into Buy Buy Baby, to purchase his new carseat since he had outgrown his infant one, he had an explosive diaper that made a mess of his old carseat and required a serious change of clothes. Luckily we were at a baby store, so while my husband purchased a set of white onsies (which we probably needed anyway) I went to change him. Prevent yourself from having to make unnecessary purchases and pack a few extra  outfits. In fact also place at least one extra outfit, diaper, and wipes in the car as well.

Tip#2: Teething necklaces will save your hair and your face (most of the time). My baby loves to grab and eat my hair, and to grab my face and dig his little sharp nails into it. However, since picking up this teething necklace, which I wear around my neck while holding him he doesn’t grab my hair or face near as often. It is so refreshing not to have to worry about my hair constantly being pulled.

Tip#3: When feeding baby solids it is best done topless or with a very big bib. Since baby started solids I’ve become efficient and trying to make sure he doesn’t get too much food on his clothes, as if can cause serious stains, and always requires a new outfit if I don’t feed him naked/ only a diaper on.



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