New Year New Me Week 6

Happy Valentines Day!!! We are another week into the New Year, and I’m so proud to say I’m doing well at reaching my goals. I have dedicated the month of February to building my business. This weeks goal was to stick with my schedule I created last week for posting on my blog. I wanted to build up the other sections of my blog pertaining to college life and career life. So every 2nd Thursday of the month I will be writing an article related to college life, and every last Wednesday I will be writing an article related to career life. Once a week I will update on how my New Years Resolutions are going. Once a month of course I will update you on baby, by the way be on the look out for that post tomorrow.

As I wrote last week I got a job working for a start up company. The website goes live at the end of the month. This next week we are doing a soft launch, inviting friends and family to test out the site in order to make sure the websites kinks have been permanently worked out before we go live.  In addition, to testing the site I will also be editing the different pages on the site and writing up articles to send across the web.

My January goal is still not achieved, after all I have yet to set up a work out schedule. However, I’ve found more ways to be active with the baby. We dance at least twice a day, and I do twists with the baby in my arms. Since getting the new car seat on Wednesday of last week I’ve also been carrying him around a lot more from the apartment to the car, and from the car into businesses.

Stay tuned for next week to find out how my new jobs soft launch went.


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