Surviving Life with a baby: Part 2

Part 2: The weekly schedule

Last month we discussed how to schedule your day with a baby. Basically it comes down to understanding your child, and how long they can entertain themselves for, and knowing what distracts them for an extended period of time. To see last months post please see Surviving Life with Baby: Part 1. This month I want to focus on the weekly schedule. There is so much we have to do during any given week. Work, cleaning, bills, making time for our significant others, and lets not forget ourselves. How do we get it all done? My suggestion, once a week preferably at the beginning of the week perhaps Sunday or Monday write down everything you need to get done in the upcoming week.

For example as I write this next week (2/8-2/14) I have to do the following:

OB appointment

Purchase new Carseat

Write a College related post

Write my New Year New Me Week 6 post

Write up at least one Kinnectpay sponsor post

Email out my Press release to the different News stations

Do laundry

Get my Master bedroom back in order now that baby is in his own room

Aim for 15 hours with my part time job

Pay off the bills with the tax return

Go to dinner with my husband

Pick up my dress from the front office (it came in the mail and should be here by now)

Attend yoga at 7pm one day this week

Wow, talk about a long crazy list of stuff. So how am I going to get all of that done this week? Well, there is a possibility I might not get all of it done, however what I can do is try. First things first I make it a goal to get as close to 2 hours or more done everyday with my part-time job. I work from home, but the problem is I don’t always have enough tasks available to achieve my hourly goals. I still write down my goal for each day in my planner, as a reminder of where I want to be that day. Next, I write down for Monday to send out the emails for the press release. On Monday I also write a reminder to myself to speak with the front office about the package that is holding my dress. My OB appointment is on Tuesday and has already been marked, I write down all Dr’s appointments in my planner at the very moment that I make the appointment whether it be in person or on the phone.

On Tuesday and Wednesday I make a note about writing my College post as it is supposed to be posted on Thursday. On Thursday I make a note to publish my College themed blog post. Our tax return comes in on the 10th so I write down to pay bills on the 10th. In addition, my husband only works a half day this week on Wednesday so our plan is to go and pick out the new car seat. In addition, we will likely be having dinner out that night, he promised me Olive Garden so it is very likely we will be going there for the evening. Yum! I make a note of it with a question mark, because we may decide to post pone till the weekend depending on how tired we are.

Friday is typically the day I like to update how my Resolutions are going, but considering that I will have posted on Thursday I choose to make that post a priority for Sunday. I make a note to write/post my New Year New Me Week 6 post on Sunday. I will utilize my writing time on Friday to write my post regarding Finally, I am left with laundry and organizing the master bedroom. I decided looking at my schedule for Wednesday (my husbands day off) that it is really full what with our tax return coming in that day and what not. As a result, Yoga is not a big possibility and I mark it off the list. As for laundry I decide to discuss with my husband when the best day to do that will be, and we decide (since it is Saturday the day I write this) to do it tomorrow, we will likely have to do more laundry at a later date next week and decide to play it by ear. As for the bedroom, I write down to get the bedroom done on Saturday. Very likely this will end up being something I work at little by little over the course of the week.

circle-304524_1280Tips and Tricks for weekly schedules:

Prioritize know what is important to you and your family, what things absolutely must get done. Grocery shopping, and work projects are important. So are chores. At my apartment we do not have a washer/dryer in the unit. As a result every two weeks we make a trip to the laundry mat to do laundry.

Do not be afraid to take something off the list, if you do not have time you do not have time. Know your schedule, and how your day typically runs. If you know it isn’t likely that you can completeĀ  task on a particular day see if there is a better day where you could get it done. If there isn’t and you can get away with it just not happening that week, then do so.

Don’t bombard your list with daily chores, if there is something you have to do everyday, don’t put it on your weekly to do list, understand that its something you have to do and consider it while making the schedule.

Social obligations, and changing work schedules are a good thing to keep note of on your weekly schedule, but rather than writing them on your to do list, write them down in your planner before you even get to the to-do list of the week. Putting too much on your list can be overwhelming, so do not overwhelm yourself by adding stuff to the list that you regularly have to do anyway, if you know about it put it in your planner before scheduling the other things you have to do.

Plan your meals at the same time you do your weekly to-do list. I will discuss meal planning in greater detail with a latter post.



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