New Year New Me Week 5

The month of February is off to a good start. It looks as if I will definitely be reaching my February goal. I created a schedule for my blog that includes me paying more attention to the different sections. On the second Thursday of the month I will be focusing on the college section of my blog. Stay tuned for articles related to picking the right college, choosing a major, and  surviving college. On the last Wednesday of the month I plan to turn my focus onto Career with articles about landing a job, choosing a career, and surviving work place drama. Also I will be covering a lot of money dos, and do-not’s in the career section as well.

As for my writing business, back in January I landed a position as Senior Communications Liaison for The site will be launching on February 29th of this month. I wrote my first blog post for the site already during the last week of January. This week, I wrote my first Press Release ever. Big things are happening and I look forward to watching how this big adventure turns out.

As for my workout goals, I still have yet to manage a work-out schedule, but my husband tends to have a weekday afternoon off once a week. I’m thinking next week I will utilize that time to have him watch the baby while I go to our apartment gym for a yoga class. My apartment hosts free yoga classes every weeknight at 7pm. I think I might just have my husband start watching the kid for an hour while I go and get a work out in once a week. I’ll let you know if it happens next week.


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