New Year New Me Week 4

Wow what a crazy first month of the year it has been. Between household drama, and baby reaching all those fun 6 month milestones it has been a crazy start to the New Year. This year I choose to create a different New Years Resolution for every month of the year. For January it was my goal to get myself mentally healthy, as well as begin working on my physical health. My original fitness goal, was to develop a regular work out routine. Though I have yet to establish a regular work out routine, what I did do this month was to be more active in my regular daily life. I played more actively with baby, and I did more errands that involved me actually leaving the house. All in all I’d say my New Years resolution for January has been achieved. I plan to continue to be more active in my day to day life, and perhaps February will see me getting into a more regular work out routine.

Though I didn’t get into a work out routine this week, I did look up some mommy baby workout videos on youtube. Hopefully over the course of the next month I can make it a regular thing to do one of those videos all the way through with baby a few times a week. In addition, though this month has been mentally difficult I finally powered through and fought the hard fight this week. I started off the week feeling pretty depressed, however instead of wallowing in my self-pity as has been typical in the last few months I powered through the sadness. I threw myself into work, and today Sunday, January 31st 2016 I feel happy and humbled. I attended a good friends wedding shower today, and socialized with my fellow women. It was relaxing and joyful. Even though the storm hasn’t fully cleared here at home with the issues from early on in the month, I have found a way to cope with the emotions that I have surrounding the problems. I look forward to the light that I can see growing at the end of this dark tunnel I’ve been traveling through and I have hope that this year will improve and turn out to be one of the best years ever.

As we enter February I will continue to work on my mental and physical health. However, the big goal for this month is to work on growing my business. In my post New Year New Me I developed the following Business goal. “Create a schedule for my blog. I have been ignoring certain areas, such as the career and college sections. I plan to change that by creating a detailed schedule this month. In addition, to my blog  I will also work on gaining new writing clients. I have at least one potential massage therapy client that I have worked with in the past. I also have connections in the real estate business, who might be interested in a writer for their blog.” What I didn’t know when I made these goals, was that over the course of January I would pick up a position with a new social networking site (to be launched sometime this February) as their Senior Communications Liaison. In this position, I am responsible for building and maintaining the company blog, essentially building a blogging business within their social network site. I’m excited about the possibilities. I will also be posting  a blog sometime this month or next discussing the amazing opportunities you yourself can achieve with To check out my blog posts on Kinnectpay, check out




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