How to organize your life with a baby Part 1

Over the course of the next few months I will be giving you the basics of all things schedule related when there is a baby in the house.

Part 1: The daily schedule

It is important that you keep track of what your baby daily routine looks like. I understand that this can often change from day to day or week to week, sometimes month to month especially in these early months when baby is constantly growing and learning new skills. However, they will create their own little schedules nap-times and feeding times.

Currently my son takes a morning and afternoon/late evening nap these are ideal times for me to get chores, phone calls, and some work for my at home job done.

My son is also happy to play on the playmat for a max of 30 minutes, this is an excellent moment for me to either clean or get work done. Also I plan to start a work out routine soon, so I might be utilizing this time to get down on the floor with him and use him as my work out buddy.

I can get a max of 45 minutes of laptop work done by placing my son next to me in his stroller with a couple of toys. I have to make funny faces and noises at him to keep him distracted while I work, but hey that’s 45 minutes I could have missed out on.

Between my son’s naps and me making a fool out of myself via funny sounds and faces I manage to ring in just under 3hours of work time/ cleaning time. Though lets face it most of that is work hours. I don’t get paid to clean after all. I also try and get in about 2 hours of work after he goes to bed at night, being that I only work part-time from home those are pretty good numbers.

Tips for making it through the day to day frustrations of working at home with a newborn.

clouds-164757_1280Tip#1: Frequently change the babies view


Put them in a swing (if they like the swing that is)

Place them on a mat on the floor

Put them in the stroller and push them around and or back and forth with your foot.

Wear them if they let you, mine hates to be worn, but loves to be held.

boy-967141_1920Tip #2: Work during nap time. (Especially if you have phone calls to make.)

yoga-389702_1920Tip#3: Be flexible keep in mind what takes an hour and what takes 10 minutes.



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