New Year New Me Week 1

What a crazy first week of the New Year it has been, I don’t think anyone’s first week of the New Year could beet the craziness that has transpired in this house. Let’s just say for now that no good dead ever goes unpunished and leave it at that. I am making it my goal this year to update on how I am doing in reaching my New Years Resolution Goals.

For the Month of January I resolved to dedicate myself towards improving my overall health. With the craziness of this week, I am both happy and sad to say I have lost 12 lbs since New Years Eve. I am officially 4 lbs below what I was when I became pregnant with my son. Of course I do not recommend loosing that much weight the way I did. A combination of not eating, breastfeeding, and carrying a carseat in and out of the car all over town as I attempted to resolve the overall drama that basically tornado its way through my home is not my view of a safe way to loose weight. As far as the things I did do this week to make myself healthier I drank a lot more water than I have been in previous months.

Despite not accomplishing a lot in terms of my physical health I did get a huge boost in self confidence thereby helping out my mental health, which also was taken on quiet a ride this week. My postpartum depression that I have been trying so hard to work over and get through this past month came back vengefully with all the stress I was under, there was a moment where I seriously considered hurting myself. Luckily I have amazing friends who were able to pull me out of the mess. I basically had to take over for my husband this week, doing all the difficult things he usually does when things go south. I learned as a result that I am strong, powerful, and capable of anything that I put my mind to. In addition, I have amazing friends and family who are willing to do anything they can to help.

In conclusion, this week might have been one of the most difficult weeks of my life. However, I made it out with both my husband and child their by my side happy and safe. I will not utilize the craziness of this week as an excuse to not follow through with my goals. I will be creating a work out plan, and I will be starting it this upcoming Monday 1/10/2015. Seeing as I am simultaneously battling a sinus infection likely as a result of the stress I will continue increasing my water intake. Now that the worst of the drama has subsided I will also start eating the way I should, my appetite is definitely back today seeing as I ate half a large pizza for lunch and I am about to go finish it as my dinner. You might be saying to yourself “WHAT PIZZA I thought you were supposed to be getting yourself healthy?” Well considering that I have hardly eaten anything all week I don’t think Pizza is going to hurt this one day especially since I need some type of reward after this weeks events.

How has your first week of the New Year been?


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