Keeping the House Clean Durring the Holidays

The holidays are a busy time of year, people are visiting, you are traveling, working, and taking care of the children. Meanwhile somewhere in all the activity you still have to find the time to clean the house and shop for gifts. When it comes to cleaning here are 6 tips and tricks to make it faster and keep it maintained.

chaos-227972_1920#1 To keep your house looking clean this holiday season maintain surface clutter don’t allow piles of stuff to take over your coffee table, dining room table, desk space, and kitchen counters.

#2 Maintain your floors. Leave shoes by the door to prevent the tracking in of dirt, snow, and mud. Sweep, mop, and/or vacuum every day to every other day. (If you have multiple types of floor surfaces, pick one to do.) For example maybe Monday you sweep, Tuesday you vacuum, and Wednesday you mop.

#3 Wash dishes as you cook or immediately after eating. dishes-691541_1280

#4 After returning from travel immediately unpack. Sort and put away, Don’t wait till “tomorrow.”

#5 Get a head start on your New Years Resolutions make a daily, weekly, and monthly chore schedule and stick to it.

Items you do daily: Dishes, sweep, mop, vacuum

Items you should do weekly: Laundry, bathrooms

Items you should do monthly: Dusting, and wiping of base boards

#6 Designate an out of the way space for gift wrapping or put it away when you’ve finished wrapping for the day.


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