When you shouldn’t feed on demand?

I am a breastfeeding mama, and I love organization and scheduling. However, when I first started breastfeeding I was made to believe that giving the baby the boob every time he put his hands to his mouth or nuzzled his nose into my shoulder or boob meant he was hungry. It turned out that was not the case, but worse still unlike most babies who stop eating when they are full my little baby boy never seemed to be full. I kept wondering why he was constantly spitting up milk. I went to my lactation consultant who discussed with me how often I was feeding my son and for how long. She watched how I fed him and determined that it wasn’t reflux as I had been thinking, but rather that my little boy just didn’t know when to stop. She told me I needed to put him on a schedule no more than 20 minutes per boob and to do so every two to three hours.

Amazingly this advice worked and my son no longer spits up after every feeding. Don’t get me wrong he still spits up every once in a while especially since he started teething, but it isn’t coming out in large amounts after every single feeding.

If you are having issues with your baby spitting up please speak with your child’s pediatrician and/or your lactation consultant before making any changes to your child’s care.


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