The Unobtainable Goal

I wouldn’t say that I am by any means close with the majority of my facebook friends, so why do I even bother keeping a facebook? I’d say it is for shared ideas and thoughts like this one. One of my friends from college shared the below image and went on to give a detailed opinion on the expectations pressed upon so many of our millennial generation today.

Employment of millenialsHer argument was essentially this, we need to stop pressuring people about when they are going to get married, when they will buy a house, and when they will have kids. It is not reasonable to expect someone to fork over $35,000 for wedding when in reality two, three, and even five years after college they are still trying to a find a long term job they can stick with for the long hall. I know what you are thinking, wait aren’t you married and are you not expecting a baby here in a month or so. Yes, I am, but I didn’t have a wedding and I certainly wasn’t planning for kids so quickly after graduating college. Currently my career exists in the fantasies of the internet scraping by not making near enough to take care of myself on my own (I’m lucky to have a husband who makes enough to cover the major bills, but its a bumpy road even with him.) He was never able to go to college and though he has a fantastic career, he hasn’t found a company he was willing to stay with for more than a year to a year and half before he was forced to move on to a new location. Considering the staggering statistics of the chart above that isn’t 100% unheard of either.

So ultimately what is the purpose of this post? I’d say the purpose of this post is to show people that you can plan things out, and do everything “right” and still end up working paycheck to paycheck with no house of your own struggling in debt. How do you prevent it? How do you get out of it? I’m currently in the process of figuring that out. Right now however, I know two things: 1st) You do have to love what you do, otherwise you will be stuck in the cycle of constantly changing jobs, 2nd) You have to find the right environment to work in. My husband has recently changed jobs again, I’m hoping that this time, him working at this place will be for the long hall. He loves making sushi and in all honesty he’s really good at it. In addition, this place is sending him home with a smile on his face and a calm and relaxed demeanor something he has never managed to return home with even at places he enjoyed working.

Tell me what is your dream job? Do you feel that the company you work for now, will be the same company you are working for next year? How about five years from now?


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