Today in History: Marriage Equality is Born

Our parents and grandparents of the Baby Boomer generation may have celebrated the concept of Free Love and inspired a nation to hand out Free Hugs as a part of social equality and acceptance, but this generation the Millennials has done more than that by creating a nation and a world in which people are free to marry whom they choose. Whether you are yellow, black, blue, white, male, or female it doesn’t matter. If you are in love and want to forever share your life with another human being you are free to do so no matter if you are the same sex, religion, color, or what have you if you are of legal age to marry you may choose to marry whomever you wish. Congrats to the LGBTQ community for achieving this amazing step in the fight for equality and may you all have long and happy marriages with the loves of your life. Today 6/26/2015 is a historical day in history, as the Supreme Court of the United States of America has declared that all same sex marriages be approved and respected across the 50 states.

gay marriage


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