My Bella Voxbox

So I signed up to receive this awesome beauty box filled with free stuff, it came in a little later than I expected, but you can’t really complain when the stuff is free. So I’ve been spending the last couple of weeks testing out the products and as a returned favor to the company who sent it to me I’m writing a review here on my blog discussing what I think about the products.

Product #1: Dove Fruit

This yummy snack came as a bit of a surprise, typically I’m not much of a dark chocolate lover, however these little fruit filled bites were pretty yum, yum, yummy!!! Of course I think my husband may have loved them just a bit more, he practically inhaled the bag after I’d eaten possibly two or three. In his chef opinion the blue berries were a perfect combination with the chocolate enhancing the flavor just as they should.

Product #2: EcoTools Mattifying Finish Brush

I’m honestly not much of a makeup person, which is ironic considering this whole box is pretty much dedicated to makeup and beauty. However, being a woman and nine months pregnant its nice to fix yourself up once in awhile. I originally attempted to apply my powder concealer using this brush, but ultimately that is not what it was designed for. When I realized what little concealer was actually going onto my face with this brush I instantly returned to my usual brush. I found that this brush the Eco Mattifying Finish Brush is most ideal for applying blush. In fact, I’ve never had my blush look better.

Product #3 and #4: Rimmel London LookRimmel look

> Lasting Finish Lip Stick by Kate Moss

> Scandaleyes Mascara by Kate Moss

The new Kate Moss collection applies easily, I also liked that I didn’t have an adverse reaction to the mascara as I tend to be allergic to most brands. Unfortunately, both products did not quite receive a full five stars from me as they both had some not so impressive mishaps. The lipstick dried my lips out within a couple of hours without having a protective chapstik layer applied beneath. The mascara on my first day wearing it wound up melting off my lashes in the humidity of the day, I’ve never had the experience of mascara literally melting off my face. Fortunately I’ve had no problems with the mascara when staying indoors all day. The mascara is definitely not a work out approved mascara, but would probably hold up for a special night out begging that you are staying indoors or don’t live in an overly humid climate like we often experience here in Texas.

Product #5: Not Your Mothers Deja Vu Du Style Extender

The smell of this product alone was enough to make me swoon. I applied a couple of quarter size dabs to my hair (I have really long hair at the moment) after showering and just before blow drying the day of my baby shower. We were having the shower at the swimming pool and as I mentioned with the makeup above its pretty hot and humid here. The extender did  an excellent job of keeping my hair looking gorgeous all evening, though I would have liked if it could have stood up to the chlorinated pool a bit better. Of course I don’t think it was designed for that. Ha ha, this stuff kept my hair soft, silky, and oil free throughout a very humid day I consider it a new found beauty go to.

Product #6: Sally Hansen Airbrush Perfect Legs

Unfortunately the color I received was too dark for me to try the product out on my own. I’ve tried other Sally Hansen products and really loved them though. I extended the sample over to a good friend of mine, who used it on her vacation this past weekend and really enjoyed it. Her fiance was pleased as well.

Product #7: ClubW free bottle of winea-glass-of-428315_1280

Being pregnant I obviously was not able to participate in this particular offering. However, I have plans to send the free bottle as a gift to my Nana and to try out the recipes on this amazing site. Check out Club W here and get a free bottle of wine when you purchase two just use the code REFERME

Well that’s it for my Bella Beauty VoxBox thanks Influenster for all the free swag and hooking me up with these amazing goodies. You too can be an influenster and receive free stuff just like I did. Just follow the link here to be the next person to receive free stuff.


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