Did you Adult today?

I’m 23 years old expecting my first baby in the next month (Only 4 weeks left till my due date!!!) and though I’ve had my moments where I was like hey I’m an adult it never truly hit home for me until these last few days. Recently I started looking around and realizing all of the different “adult” things that I was doing to prepare. I picked up outlet plugs, washcloths, and toothbrushes at the local dollar store. I packed the hospital bag complete with stuff for mom, baby, and dad. Made homemade baby wipes ( I did the math and the average cost of name brand baby wipes even on sale is about 1-2 cents per wipe vs. making the wipes yourself for less than a half a cent each). In addition, I got my baby bag together and made a list of things that would be needed in the future for on the go transport. Finally, I found a pediatrician for my little bundle of joy to visit once he is born. Going through these different steps and thinking about all that is involved with a little baby and a newborn life, which is soon to be my full responsibility, I couldn’t help but think wow I’m the adult here.

For the first 18years of life we depend on our parents for everything: food in our bellies, a roof above our head, socialization, education, and entertainment. We become accustomed to them fixing our mistakes, and cleaning up our messes until one day they don’t do that anymore and we go off to get our own roofs, create our own social groups, buy our own food, pay for our own educational pursuits, and our own entertainment. Of course even as we slowly start doing all of these things it doesn’t really occur to us that this is what adults do. At first we do these things because we want to, we want to live and we want to care for ourselves. We no longer want the help of our parents as we become our own individuals. We form relationships with a significant other and then we have a shared dependence upon one another sometimes perhaps often times finding ourselves playing the parental figure or having the other play the parent role for us. These are the stepping stones to becoming a true adult. Stepping stones we may not even realize before we turn around and oops!!! We are now the parents of a little baby fully in charge of all the things our parents before us were in charge of.

I finally had my adult moment, I woke up and I looked around to find that I live in an apartment with bills in my name. I have a baby growing inside my belly and eventually here in the next few weeks or so he is going to grace us with his presence and he will be my full responsibility.

When was your adult moment? At what point did you stop and look around to realize you were the adult in the house or an adult in the situation?


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